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Question of the Day- How to Know if Trees Have a DNA tester

We started using TNG (The Next Generation) a couple of years ago to have a collaborative, rich chart experience for the trees people submitted to the Smith DNA Project. We already had a lot of trees listed that weren’t necessarily associated with any particular member, so how to indicate whether a tree has a presumptive DNA tester or is simply listed in anticipation? The way we do that is by status messages by the BRANCH location on each person page. [...]

How to add your mtDNA or SNP data to display on Smith project kit page

There are a heck of a lot of members in the Smith Official DNA Project. In order to more easily find where your information is, we have it where you can search on your kit # and go directly to where your specific information is. Alternatively, you can page through lists of kits or haplogroups but that is a little more tedious If you would like to be able to add your mtDNA information or SNP information to that kit [...]

Group Contact Editing for Smith DNA Project

We really appreciate the people who have volunteered to be the group contact for a given set of people who match into a grouping. If you are a group contact, you have the ability to edit the group description, put in a geoproject link (such as 7 Septs), a geoproject description and most wanted for the group. You can find this editing function if you are logged on to TNG from your profile link. Feel free to put in anything [...]

Editing your profile or kit info on the Smith DNA site

When you are registered and logged on to the Smith Official DNA Project on the website, you have done so in order to work on your tree. You also have profile information such as your name, email, etc that you may want to change from time to time. At this present time to change a photo, you need to send to the admins and we will post for you but we do plan to add this as a feature [...]

How to add Media (Photos/Documents/Histories) to TNG

When you are logged on to TNG, and in edit mode, either editing a family or editing a person, you can add media. For example, if you have a photo of a person that you would like to have as a default on the person page, a family photo you would like to have showing as default on the family page, or a document such as a birth certificate, pension record, etc, you can upload it.  There is a size [...]

The permissions methodology we’re using with trees (branches) -TNG

One of the wonderful features of the TNG program is that we can create permissions such that people in general cannot come edit your tree and change your hard work. This is great but does create one special way to do things with regard to groups where people match and have definite paper trails to each other. Let’s say you’re in Group 1. What we want to have is a *contact* person for your group that can field all inquiries [...]

How to find who you’re looking for -Search (TNG)

The most direct way is to choose the SEARCH form or tab. On the front page, you will see SEARCH with Last Name and First Name, then click the button SEARCH. If you have additional parameters you’d like to use to find someone, choose ADVANCED SEARCH. On other pages, look, under the top menu for the next menu that has a SEARCH option.That takes you to THIS search page If you are looking for a particular DNA kit # that [...]

Found the person-how do I see his or her descendants? (TNG)

If a given person has descendants, you can look for those by clicking the DESCENDANTS tab Here is an example of the persons page showing the tabs. The 3rd tab to the right is DESCENDANTS Clicking on this will show you a descendants chart. You can also change the number of descendant levels to show (4 is the default), show them as a register report or as text, outline style. You can click on anyone shown to see more information. [...]

What if I see a mistake or want to add information? (TNG)

If you are the person who has editing rights to a given person or family, you are always able to correct the information. If you know that you have editing rights but do not see the EDIT link, make sure you are logged on. If you do not have editing rights to a person but believe that you see something incorrect or have a source,etc. Use the SUGGEST tab. Your information will go into a queue to be looked at. [...]

How do I EDIT a person or family (TNG)

If you have editing rights to a person or a family (and you are logged on) , you will see, on the page an EDIT link. The link to EDIT a person is in the first block of information (birth, gender, death, etc by LAST MODIFIED). If you do not see the EDIT link, it either means that you are not logged on or that you do not have editing rights to this person. Another clue that this is so [...]