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Which SNP(s) should I order? (Smith DNA Project)

The Smith DNA project is a surname project where, primarily, YDNA STR results are compared by haplogroup to find matches. Members can look at FamilyTreeDNA matches by logging on to FTDNA; FTDNA shows which testers from within the entire database of testers, regardless of surname, a member has a match with. Depending on how many markers match versus how many do not, a person is deemed to be related to someone else on a range of very tightly related to [...]

Getting the Most out of the Smith YDNA Project at FTDNA-Checklist

When you join the Smith Official DNA Project at FamilyTreeDNA, there are some things we suggest you do. 1. Add your Most Distant Ancestors(My Account/Most Distant Ancestors). You can add them for both your Direct Paternal and Direct Maternal.  If you happen to know the geocoding for the locations, you can add that on the right hand side of the  page. This will not only show up on the public reports from FTDNA but also will be on a Smith [...]

Question of the Day- Is the FF Illumina Omni Express GAP report the same as Advanced Matching?

The short answer is yes. We had a request the other day to the Smith Official DNA Project administrators to go into the FamilyTreeDNA administrator interface (GAP)  to look for Family Finder matches for a specific kit that were in the Smith DNA project. We wondered if this report could be done by the individual on their own reports page. So we ran the autosomal results report  as admins and came up with 2 other Smiths. Neither of these Smiths, [...]

Question of the Day-Why doesn’t my mtDNA haplogroup show up on FTDNA’s haplogroup report?

First, here is that report. This is from everyone who is a member of the Smith Official DNA Project at FamilyTreeDNA who has done mtDNA. We periodically make sure that all results are grouped into the category of the haplogroup they’re associated with (H haplogroup with H, for example). If you didn’t do the full mtDNA test, but instead had your results come back from Geno 2.0, be aware that the mtDNA results are not the full set that FTDNA [...]

How to add your mtDNA or SNP data to display on Smith project kit page

There are a heck of a lot of members in the Smith Official DNA Project. In order to more easily find where your information is, we have it where you can search on your kit # and go directly to where your specific information is. Alternatively, you can page through lists of kits or haplogroups but that is a little more tedious If you would like to be able to add your mtDNA information or SNP information to that kit [...]

Group Contact Editing for Smith DNA Project

We really appreciate the people who have volunteered to be the group contact for a given set of people who match into a grouping. If you are a group contact, you have the ability to edit the group description, put in a geoproject link (such as 7 Septs), a geoproject description and most wanted for the group. You can find this editing function if you are logged on to TNG from your profile link. Feel free to put in anything [...]

Editing your profile or kit info on the Smith DNA site

When you are registered and logged on to the Smith Official DNA Project on the website, you have done so in order to work on your tree. You also have profile information such as your name, email, etc that you may want to change from time to time. At this present time to change a photo, you need to send to the admins and we will post for you but we do plan to add this as a feature [...]

X Chromosome Browsing Explanation

from Legal Genealogist …this X-DNA stuff doesn’t work exactly like any of the other DNA types at all. A man gets only one X chromosome, from his mother, so his X-DNA is only from his mother’s side of the family. There’s nothing inherited in the X-DNA from his father’s side at all. But when a mother passes on that X, she gives her child a random mix of the X-DNA she got from her mother and her father. So two [...]

YDNA tools from the ISOGG Wiki page

Includes YDNA haplogroup predictors, as well as Time to Most Recent Ancestor calculators.(TMRCA- Questions about the use of these tools should be directed to the authors listed with each tool.

I would like my YDNA markers added to the SMith DNA Project but did not test with FTDNA

IF you had your YDNA DNA tested with FamilyTreeDNA, all you need to do is go join the Smith Official DNA project.  Here are the step by steps to do that.  The volunteer administrators  for the official Smith DNA project for all locations at FTDNA and will receive an email letting us know you are now a member. That will enable us to see your markers and get them listed. We will also want to have your lineage. There are [...]