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We are working this week on sorting out the Nicholas Smiths in Virginia, Maryland and NC

We have a number of testers who descend from *a* Nicholas Smith. In the Smith Official DNA Project at FamilyTreeDNA, there is, overall 1. Nicholas Smith b 1635 Netherlands > Suffolk Co NY -(I-M253 and I-L22 haplogroups) -well established group 2. Nicholas Smith d 1804 MD ( R-M198 haplogroup) 3. Nicholas Smith d 1718 Surry Co VA ( R-M269 haplogroup)- This line looks well established. 4. Nicholas Schmidt Germany-NY ( R-M269 haplogroup 5. Nicholas Smith of Petsworth Parish, Gloucester Co [...]


Tangled Lines- John Bland Smith vs Thomas Smith vs John Smith of Sudbury

The following is a tree that was submitted that conflicts in one way or another with known lines that have been presented and tested with YDNA in the Smith DNA Project. Here’s the Smith DNA Project philosophy. What we would like is for the people whose lines these actually are to discuss, collaborate and see if there’s a way to resolve the issue. That may include putting in a note that at this time there is no agreement because of [...]