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Which SNP(s) should I order? (Smith DNA Project)

The Smith DNA project is a surname project where, primarily, YDNA STR results are compared by haplogroup to find matches. Members can look at FamilyTreeDNA matches by logging on to FTDNA; FTDNA shows which testers from within the entire database of testers, regardless of surname, a member has a match with. Depending on how many markers match versus how many do not, a person is deemed to be related to someone else on a range of very tightly related to [...]

Smith Member Photo- Descendant of Earls Smith b c 1886 NY

Here’s the lineage which looks like it goes up through Hugh Smith b c 1823 in Ireland, found in Schenectady, NY in 1870. (Possibly Northern Ireland) -YDNA tester

Smith Ancestor Photos- William Patton and Matilda Kiser Smith -Russell Co VA

Here’s the lineage This member is part of Smith Matched Group R1b-16, which includes Francis Smith b 16184 ENg, VT/NY Hiram Smith, NC John Wilson Smith, Tom Smith of Isle of Man England, VA William Smith and KY Allen and John D Smith. We would like to find some additional Smith testers from Russell Co, VA to compare on this line.

How to get the most of your Smith YDNA Data

First, how does YDNA work? The Y-chromosome is passed from male to male to male. So your Smith grandfather would pass Y to his Smith son, your father, who would pass it on to you. As you see from this chart, females do not pass on Y to their sons or daughters (females do not have it). Therefore, the Smith YDNA test requires a male Smith who is known or believes himself to be a Smith descendant. A Smith female [...]

New Smith Member- Descendant of James Jefferson Smith b 1865 MO

Ancestry YDNA tester, also matches into Group R1b-16 Member says according to James Jefferson Smith’s death record, father’s name was Daniel SMith from Indiana, wife Martha Tisdale, but has been unable to prove

Smith Ancestor Photo-James William Smith b 1870 MO (Drury Smith b 1789 SC)

Line-YDNA tester

New Smith Member- Descendant of Zadock Smith b 1751 MD >NC

YDNA tester, results not in yet. Here is the line. This is one of the lines that is muddled in which a number of people claim descent from Nicholas Smith of VA. The particular ancestor seeking to be proven is Samuel Smith m Griselda Locker.

New Smith Member- YDNA tester for Guy Smith 1675 ENG > VA line

Here’s the basic line, YDNA results are not in yet.

Smith Member Tree- Descendant of Joel J Smith b c 1814 TN > St Francois MO

First, here is an ancestral photo of the YDNA tester’s dad. and here is the descent line This member matches into a grouping R1b-4.

Smith Member Photo from New Member- Robert Smith m Hannah Morris – London England

and here’s his lineage that went from London to NY.  YDNA tester, results not in yet