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Question of the Day-Why doesn’t my mtDNA haplogroup show up on FTDNA’s haplogroup report?

First, here is that report. This is from everyone who is a member of the Smith Official DNA Project at FamilyTreeDNA who has done mtDNA. We periodically make sure that all results are grouped into the category of the haplogroup they’re associated with (H haplogroup with H, for example). If you didn’t do the full mtDNA test, but instead had your results come back from Geno 2.0, be aware that the mtDNA results are not the full set that FTDNA [...]

How to add your mtDNA or SNP data to display on Smith project kit page

There are a heck of a lot of members in the Smith Official DNA Project. In order to more easily find where your information is, we have it where you can search on your kit # and go directly to where your specific information is. Alternatively, you can page through lists of kits or haplogroups but that is a little more tedious If you would like to be able to add your mtDNA information or SNP information to that kit [...]

William L Smith b c 1847 AR > Van Zandt County TX (mtDNA)

Just got in the lineage, would also love to have a YDNA tester for this line.

Smith Member Photo- Descendant of Andrew Smith b c 1738 Switzerland

(mtDNA) Lineage

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Does both a brother and sister have mom’s mtDNA?

Got a question on exactly how mtDNA gets passed down.First, here is a photo of how this works with Smith. Note the 2 different surnames. On the left the female Smith marries a male Jones. Both Jones sons and daughters get a copy of mom’s mtdna. However, the sons do not pass down mtdna, only the daughters. On the Smith side, the male Smith is married to a female Jones. The female Jones passes down mtDNA to both Smith sons [...]