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Question of the Day- Is the FF Illumina Omni Express GAP report the same as Advanced Matching?

The short answer is yes. We had a request the other day to the Smith Official DNA Project administrators to go into the FamilyTreeDNA administrator interface (GAP)  to look for Family Finder matches for a specific kit that were in the Smith DNA project. We wondered if this report could be done by the individual on their own reports page. So we ran the autosomal results report  as admins and came up with 2 other Smiths. Neither of these Smiths, [...]

Autosomal on the Smith Official DNA Project at Familytreedna

The Smith DNA project expects that participants will be checking their results against FamilyTreeDNA’s Family Finder utilities or on Gedmatch, a 3rd party tool that can help look at the matches. One difficulty with autosomal data is that a match does not tell you the surname. We do not ourselves have you upload your data to this site.  So, you might have a match with another person but you have no way to immediately know if the match might be [...]

Autosomal DNA- Average percentage going to kin

From ISOGG Using Gedmatch to analyze your autosomal data Please note that the Smith DNA project would like to know and will post with your kit if you find you have a relationship with another tester after you analyze your data

Great video presentation on Autosomal DNA- overview and step by step matching

X Chromosome Browsing Explanation

from Legal Genealogist …this X-DNA stuff doesn’t work exactly like any of the other DNA types at all. A man gets only one X chromosome, from his mother, so his X-DNA is only from his mother’s side of the family. There’s nothing inherited in the X-DNA from his father’s side at all. But when a mother passes on that X, she gives her child a random mix of the X-DNA she got from her mother and her father. So two [...]

FAQ DNA from FamilyTreeDNA Understanding YDNA Understanding Family Finder Understanding mtDNA

How Do I Compare my Family Finder/Autosomal Results on the Smith DNA Project?

The Smith project is a surname project for the Smith/Schmidt/Smyth/Smitt/Smithers/Smithson and variations surname. For DNA comparison, we use YDNA, which requires that the participant is or has a tester that is a male Smith whose father is a Smith whose father is a Smith, or, if adopted or otherwise, unknown, has strong matches on multiple markers (past 12) with other Smiths testing via YDNA. If you have done Family Finder or Autosomal testing, you can still participate in the project [...]

New Smith Member-Couple of different Smiths – John Smith b 1763, also Catherine Smith b 1756

Family Finder tester; this line starts most currently and works back to show both Smith lines.

Autosomal Chromosome Mapping Explanation

from ISOGG Chromosome mapping is a technique used in autosomal DNA testing which allows the testee to determine which segments of DNA came from which ancestor. In order to map DNA segments on specific chromosomes it is necessary to test a number of close family relatives. Ideally one should test both parents, one of their children, and a number of first to third cousins on both the maternal and paternal sides of the family. Not everyone has close relatives available [...]


Smith DNA Project (Surname) and Autosomal Data

We are asked sometimes about whether one can upload autosomal data to our Smith website for matching purposes. We are, at the DNA matching level, a YDNA surname project meaning that participants who wish to compare and match on the site need to have had a male Smith whose father was a Smith test, or have some level of evidence that the participant is actually a Smith (adopted, for example). We do list the FTDNA mtDNA report while suggesting that [...]