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Smith Official DNA Project Status Message and FamilyTreeDNA End of Summer Sale

Hi To All Members of the Smith Official DNA Project at FamilyTreeDNA! Hope everybody has been having a great summer! We’ve had a lot of people join the Smith DNA project over the past couple of months. We now have more than 2100 members, with over 200 matched groupings. To see new updates and status postings, be sure to read the Smith DNA Blog, the Guestbook for queries  , the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) , the members photo list (come send your photo!)  and the What’s New for new ancestry [...]

Smith Official DNA Project Status for 8/6/2014

Status Wed 8/6/2014-We’re a little backed up this week, not much but definitely going to take a couple more days to work through the new trees, etc. We’ve had over 10 new people join the project this last week, more matches, more new results came in, it’s really been terrific. Incidentally, had a question come in regarding mtDNA which I’m sure can be confusing. The question essentially is, if I am a female  being tested for mtDNA, is that the [...]

Smith DNA Project Status for July 20 2014

Hi Smiths Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. We have a number of things that are new for the Smith DNA Project. First, stats: We now have 2076 members at FTDNA and over 205 matched groupings. We also have an additional admin, Briana, joining us (Marie, Ginny, David and Deb) -if you would also like to join us, email us at we’re all volunteers here! We are pleased to share that FTDNA has told us that the Schmidt project [...]

Smith Chat Tomorrow Night (6/5/2014) at 7:00 pm CDT

Smith Official DNA Project at FamilyTreeDNA Open Topic, come introduce yourself and jaw! Will take about new features on the Smith DNA project site, and discuss what you might like to see covered in upcoming chats and presentations.  

Smith DNA Project Status for 5/5/2014

Status for 5/5/2014 Everyone is on holiday this week (Ginny and David are out gravehunting and doing VA research) but will be checking email if you need something. We are waiting till all the short haplogroups are showing on the FTDNA gap sheet to make those changes; they will be updated otherwise a. as we get in new results to compare or otherwise have a reason to be looking at kit info on fTDNA or b. you login to the [...]

Ethnicity Sharing in New Population Finder (My Origins) at FamilyTreeDNA- OR OPT OUT!

LINK From FamilyTreeDNA myOrigins, our new version of Population Finder, is launching very soon!  It will be available for FREE to everyone that has purchased a Family Finder test.  Get ready to dive into your ethnic origins like never before! With myOrigins, you’ll be able compare your ethnicity with your Family Finder matches.  If you want to share your ethnic origins with your matches, you don’t need to take any action.  You’ll automatically be able to compare your ethnicity with your matches when [...]

Smith DNA Project will be updating the project results to reflect the FTDNA new tree in about 2 weeks

There are some major changes being made with the new tree release, including new haplogroup *shorthand* designations, changes in the way the longer haplogroup is written out and changes to the way the SNPs are displayed. Because there may be a few things that need to be changed over the next week or two, we are waiting to make changes till this settles down, in about 2 weeks. For example, the public SNP report does not yet show all the [...]

DNA Day 2014- Sale at FamilyTreeDNA plus New Haplotree to be released!

Hi, Smiths Some great news for combo Arbor Day and DNA Day! The Smith Official DNA project has now reached over 2000 members at FamilyTreeDNA and has over 200 matched groupings.If you know of someone that would benefit from a new YDNA 37 marker kit, today’s the day to go for it! FamilyTreeDNA is having a DNA Day 2014 sale that will last from today, April 25-29. Y-DNA SNPs will be 20% off from April 25 – 29. In addition, the Y-DNA 37 test (new tests) [...]

Kudos to Ginny, co-admin on the Smith Official DNA Project at FamilyTreeDNA

Shoutout to Ginny, one of the co-admins on the Smith Official DNA Project. As mentioned before, we are spending this week to sort out 2 Nicholas Smith lines, and she is a GREAT researcher. We believe we have proven the Nicholas Smith of Gloucester VA line and identified issues in trees that showed a conflict where 2 testers on YDNA did not match each other. Thus, one of them HAS to have a different parentage, the trick is to try [...]

Smith Official DNA Project at FamilyTreeDNA – Status for March 14, 2014

Hi, from the official Smith DNA Project at FamilyTreeDNA. We have 2048 DNA testers;  that includes 1960 from FamilyTreeDNA, some from other vendors and a lot of people who have come to list their trees in hopes of finding a DNA tester in the future. All members are those that want to participate and have explicitly joined, and, for FamilyTreeDNA, are listed as members in the Smith Official DNA Project at FamilyTreeDNA project. A few of the new things we [...]