Smith DNA Update- 5/7/2014-New Short Haplogroups and New Smith Group Numbers

Hi to all Smith DNA Project members

As you know, FamilyTreeDNA rolled out their new haplotree about two weeks ago. One of the main things that is changing is that the longer haplogroups have gone away in favor of shortened haplogroups that represent the terminal SNP someone is either predicted or confirmed to be. Here is a good discussion of this from Your Genetic Genealogist. FTDNA is not quite finished putting up all the shortened haplogroups but if you have one, you will see it when you login to FamilyTreeDNA, and look at the right hand side of the page for the *badge* that shows your haplogroup. Also, when FTDNA finishes updating the YDNA classic charts, you will be able to see your new haplogroup there as well-Here is a link to the Smith Official DNA Project Classic Haplogroup Chart.   Click on the badge to see your Y-tree. You can follow, from the top, the *branches* of the tree that lead you to your particular SNP, then look at the right hand side of the tree for the *terminal* SNP. Here is a picture example of someone who has a confirmed haplogroup. And here is one with a predicted, rather than confirmed haplogroup

FamilyTreeDNA hosted a webinar discussing all the details of the new haplotree on May 25, 2014. You can find the webinar listed here (go back to the month of May) and watch it. Other webinars such as a discussion of MyOrigins are also posted there for your viewing.

What does this actually mean for you? First, your haplogroup numbers have changed, and may be different even from a close relative if he has done a custom SNP and you have not. This should be quite useful for looking at others in the same grouping to determine which SNP you might want to compare with someone on. For YDNA, your STR markers are still what is being compared, within your haplogroup. What you will see on the custom reports on the Smith DNA project site, for all who have tested YDNA, is your new haplogroup. We will be updating the haplogroups over time based on the YDNA classic chart. With over 2000 people in the project, and especially since FTDNA has not completed updating all the haplogroups, we believe it will be more efficient to update the new haplogroup from the report. If you would like to add your haplogroup before we get to it, we invite you to login to the Smith site, and directly edit your haplogroup via your profile. (As a side note, we would like every member who has not yet registered on the Smith site that wants to be able to edit his or her tree to do so. The link to register is here That way, if you see errors, omissions, want to add additional children or challenge information, you will be able to add and edit directly on your branch of the collaborative tree)

Second, we are changing the group numbers on the Smith DNA project. As you know, our convention for groupings has been GRP-HAPLO-#. So, if you were an R1b1a2 haplogroup and you matched with at least one other person in a group, you were in a group called GRP-R1b-1. The numbers on the end are sequential and have no other significance. There are over 200 matched groupings in the Smith DNA project, with over 870 kits that match with at least one other to form a group. It no longer made sense to name the groups by what is now a defunct haplogroup naming scheme, but we still like the fact that you can immediately tell by the group number what main haplogroup is represented, so we have updated the group conventions.  Here is the short list of groupings. You can click on the group number to see the kits that match within a given group. The new group numbers represent the upstream haplogroup that all in that group share regardless of which SNPs might have been or be done downstream. So, you will be grouped by the upstream haplogroup you all have in common but the group reports will show the individual haplogroup which represents your terminal SNP. We appreciate your patience as we make these changes, if you see something that looks erroneous, don’t hesitate to let us know, but please wait till next week since we’re still making some changes this week.

As always, we will be putting out additional information on the Smith DNA project blog, including screen captures of how to read the trees, and other useful information for comparing, so check back at the blog often. And if you have ANY questions, please send a message to and Marie, Deb, Ginny, Eric, and David will be happy to help

Have a great day!

Marie, Deb, Ginny, Eric and David

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