About Smith DNA

Welcome! The Smith DNA Project is the official project for Smith, Schmidt, Smyth, Smythe, Smidt Smithson, Smithhart, Smithey and all variations, for all locations, at FamilyTreeDNA. We are a free, volunteer project, primarily a YDNA project, that has as goal to sort out the many, many Smith et al lines, either through DNA or through collaboration. We have 2 parts to the project-the DNA charts and reports and the TNG/Tree section. You do not have to test DNA in order to participate in posting your tree; you do need to send your tree, be registered and logged on to work on it. You don’t have to be registered simply to browse as a guest. As guest, you can also send SUGGESTIONS about any errors or omissions you see in the lines, as we certainly do not claim to be infallible and welcome corrections. We hope those who are able will test DNA; especially with the Smith surname, the more people we have to compare against, the better we can know sort out the ancestries and family lines. If you have questions, please click on FAQ on the side left menu for Getting Started tips and frequently asked questions. You can also always Contact us. – See more at: http://www.smithsworldwide.org/#sthash.08FnMuf7.dpuf

To read more about the YDNA (and other) tests at FTDNA and join the project, click here for the FamilyTreeDNA Smith -Official ALL Locations project and ordering descriptions.

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