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Smith Official DNA & One Name Study Project
Smith Official DNA Project at FamilyTreeDNA-All Locations

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Smith/Schmidt/Smyth/Smythe (One Name) Origins, Migration and Distribution Report

Smith One Name Study-Origin Location- England >Cornwall, England
Come Add Yourself! Send your Lineage Along with which originating ancestral location is known to be yours. 
The Early Loc field on this detail report is the earliest known general location for the given member. Know the specific earlier location  for any of these? send us a message 

Kit #/Type Member Early Ancestor Tree Ped Region Location Migration Haplogroup Smith Matched Grouping
Smith DNA Kit 39501 YDNA(37)  Contact: William Smith b 1820 Cornwall, ENG EnglandCornwall, England ENG>ENG>ENG>ENG R-M269
Smith DNA Kit 195673 YDNA(37)  Contact: William Smith of Cornwall ENG EnglandCornwall, England ENG>ENG>ENG R-M198