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Smith Cemetery Sorted by Cemetery Name
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Cemetery NameCountry StateCounty
Lacey Street CemeteryUSA PAWyoming
Lafayette CemeteryUSA ALChambers
LaGrange CemeteryUSA TNFayette
Lake CemeteryUSA NCTransylvania
Lake City CemeteryUSA MSScott
Lake Ridge CemeteryUSA NYTompkins
Lake Ronkonkoma CemeteryUSA NYSuffolk
Lake View CemeteryUSA OHCuyahoga
Lake View CemeteryUSA VTAddison
Lake Wales CemeteryUSA FLPolk
Lakeport CemeteryUSA MISt Clair
Lakeside CemeteryUSA CTLitchfield
Lakeside CemeteryUSA ILTazewell
Lakeside CemeteryUSA MISt Clair
Lakeside CemeteryUSA NCTransylvania
Lakeside Memorial Park CemeteryUSA PAErie
Lakeview CemeteryUSA CTFairfield
Lakeview CemeteryUSA CTMiddlesex
Lakeview CemeteryUSA MEKennebec
Lakeview CemeteryUSA MILivingston
Lakeview CemeteryUSA NYYates
Lakeview CemeteryUSA WYLaramie
Lakeview Memorial GardensUSA TXGregg
Lakeville CemeteryUSA MIOakland
Lakewood CemeteryUSA MNHennepin
Lamberts Cove CemeteryUSA MADukes
Lamont Walker CemeteryUSA FLMadison
Lands End CemeteryUSA CTFairfield
Lane CemeteryUSA NHRockingham
Lansing CemeteryUSA MNMower
Lansingburgh Village CemeteryUSA NYRennsselaer
Lansingville CemeteryUSA NYTompkins
Laona CemeteryUSA ILWinnebago
Lasting Hope CemeteryUSA TNMaury
Laurel Grove CemeteryUSA ORLane
Laurel Hill CemeteryUSA GAThomas
Laurel Hill CemeteryUSA NYSchuyler
Laurel Hill CemeteryUSA NYSchuyler
Laurel Hill CemeteryUSA PAFayette
Laurel Hill CemeteryUSA PAPhiladelphia
Laurel Hill Memorial GardensUSA MOSt Louis
Laurel IOOF CemeteryUSA OHHamilton
Laurel Land Memorial ParkUSA TXTarrant
Laurel Oak CemeteryUSA MOHenry
Laurelton Union ChurchUSA PAUnion
Lawncrest Memorial ParkUSA CAShasta
Lawnridge CemeteryUSA ILOgle
Lawrence Chapel United Methodist Church CemeteryUSA SCPickens
Lawrence Cove Independent Baptist Church Cemetery USA ALMorgan
Lawrence Memorial ParkUSA ARLawrence
Lawrence SmithUSA GAClinch
Lawrenceville CemeteryUSA NJMercer
Leach CemeteryUSA MAPlymouth
Leachman CemeteryUSA ILChristian
Leagueville CemeteryUSA TXHenderson
Leavenworth National CemeteryUSA KSLeavenworth
Lebanon CemeteryUSA TNHardin
Lebanon United Methodist Church CemeteryUSA ALCherokee
Lebeck CemeteryUSA MOCedar
Lee and Johnson RestoriumUSA NCJohnston
Lee CemeteryUSA TNBradley
Lee CemeteryUSA TXHunt
Lee CemeteryUSA TXWood
Lee Memorial ParkUSA MSLee
Lee Mission CemeteryUSA ORMarion
Leesville CemeteryUSA NYSchoharie
Lehigh CemeteryUSA ILPeoria
Lemon Springs Methodist Church CemeteryUSA NCLee
Lenox Memorial CemeteryUSA WVPreston
Lenox Union CemeteryUSA ILWarren
Leon CemeteryUSA IADecatur
Leonard CemeteryUSA TXFannin
Level Grove Baptist Church CemeteryUSA GAHabersham
Lexie Church of Christ CemeteryUSA TNFranklin
Lexington CemeteryUSA KYFayette
Lexington CemeteryUSA NYGreene
Lexington CemeteryUSA PAGreene
Lexington CemeteryUSA TNHenderson
Lexington City CemeteryUSA NCDavidson
Liberty Baptist Church CemeteryUSA GADawson
Liberty Baptist Church CemeteryUSA SCChester
Liberty CemeteryUSA ALHale
LIberty CemeteryUSA MOTexas
Liberty CemeteryUSA NYSullivan
LIberty Chapel CemeteryUSA GABryan
Liberty Chapel CemeteryUSA INJefferson
Liberty Christian Church CemeteryUSA GACoweta
Liberty City CemeteryUSA TXLiberty
LIberty Grove Baptist Church CemeteryUSA ALWalker
Liberty Hill Lutheran Church CemeteryUSA SCNewberry
Liberty Hill United Methodist Church CemeteryUSA SCSpartanburg
Liberty United Methodist Church CemeteryUSA ALTallapoosa
Libertyville Christian Church CemeteryUSA MOSt Francois
Lincoln CemeteryUSA MAWorcester
Lincoln-Noyes CemeteryUSA VTOrleans
Lindley CemeteryUSA MOSullivan
Line CemeteryUSA RIProvidence
Lineville City Cemetery NewUSA ALClay
Linwood Park CemeteryUSA IABoone
Lisbon Ridge CemeteryUSA MEAndroscoggin
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