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Smith Cemetery Sorted by Cemetery Name
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Cemetery NameCountry StateCounty
Maple Hill CemeteryUSA NYClinton
Maple Hill CemeteryUSA VATazewell
Maple Hill CemeteryUSA VTOrange
Maple View CemeteryUSA NYOswego
Maples CemeteryUSA NYCattauragus
Maplewood CemeteryUSA INMadison
Maplewood CemeteryUSA TNHenry
Maplewood CemeteryUSA TNLauderdale
Marathon Village CemeteryUSA NYCortland
Marble City CemeteryUSA ALTalladega
Marlborough CemeteryUSA OHDelaware
Mars Hill CemeteryUSA ARSaline
Marshall CemeteryUSA VACarroll
Martin CemeteryUSA MOOzark
Marys Chapel CemeteryUSA TNLauderdale
Masonic CemeteryUSA OKPittsburg
Masonic CemeteryUSA ORLinn
Masonic CemeteryUSA ORYamhill
Masonic Springs CemeteryUSA TXMedina
Masonville Pioneer CemeteryUSA NYDelaware
Massey CemeteryUSA ALJefferson
Mauney CemeteryUSA NCGaston
Mayfield CemeteryUSA SCSpartanburg
Maysville CemeteryUSA OKGarvin
Mayville CemeteryUSA NYChautauqua
McAlister CemeteryUSA OKCarter
McCarter Presbyterian Church CemeteryUSA SCSpartanburg
McCondy Baptist Church CemeteryUSA MSChickasaw
McCorkle CemeteryUSA NCCatawba
McCullough Community CemeteryUSA ALEscambia
McIntyre Settlement CemeteryUSA NYSchuyler
McKeesport and Versailles CemeteryUSA PAAllegheny
McLaurin CemeteryUSA MSForrest
Meadow Creek Methodist Church CemeteryUSA MSPrentiss
Mecklenburg CemeteryUSA NYSchuyler
Medicine Lake CemeteryUSA MTSheridan
Meeting House Hill CemeteryUSA VTWindsor
Melscheimer CemeteryUSA OHStark
Memorial Park CemeteryUSA NDGrand Forks
Memorial Presbyterian Church CemeteryUSA MOSaline
Memory Gardens CemeteryUSA FLLeon
Memory Gardens CemeteryUSA TXNueces
Memoryland Memorial ParkUSA TXHunt
Merced Cemetery DistrictUSA CAMerced
Meriwether Burial GroundUSA VAAlbemarle
Merrill CemeteryUSA NHGrafton
Methodist Union Chapel CemeteryUSA NJAtlantic
Miami City CemeteryUSA FLMiami-Dade
Michigan Memorial ParkUSA MIWayne
Middle Ground CemeteryUSA CTNew Haven
Middlebrook CemeteryUSA VTOrange
Middlefield Center CemeteryUSA MAHampshire
Middletown Springs CemeteryUSA VTRutland
Midland City CemeteryUSA MIMidland
Mile Square CemeteryUSA MEFranklin
Milford CemeteryUSA CTNew Haven
Milford Side CemeteryUSA CTNew Haven
Mill Shoal Baptist Church CemeteryUSA GAMadison
Mill Swamp Baptist Church CemeteryUSA VAIsle of Wight
Milledgeville CemeteryUSA PAMercer
Miller CemeteryUSA ILPike
Miller CemeteryUSA INCass
Miller CemeteryUSA KYLivingston
Miller CemeteryUSA MOWorth
Miller-Strange CemeteryUSA LARapides Parish
Mills CemeteryUSA KYClay
Milton Village CemeteryUSA VTChittendon
Missisquoi Valley CemeteryUSA VTFranklin
Mitchell CemeteryUSA ALLauderdale
Mobile Memorial Gardens CemeteryUSA ALMobile
Modesto Citizens CemeteryUSA CAStanislaus
Monikie Parish KirkyardSCT ANGUS
Monroe CemeteryUSA OKLe Flore
Monticello MethodistUSA GAJasper
Montrose CemeteryUSA MIGenessee
Monumental ChurchUSA VARichmond City
Moody CemeteryUSA SCMarion
Moore CemeteryUSA OHClermont
Moore Church of Christ CemeteryUSA SCSpartanburg
Moore Smith CemeteryUSA VALee
Moravia CemeteryUSA IAAppanoose
Moreland Baptist CemeteryUSA PALycoming
Morgan Hill CemeteryUSA ARFranklin
Morning View CemeteryUSA TNSullivan
Morogoro CemeteryTZ MorogoroMorogoro
Morrill Village CemeteryUSA MEWaldo
Morris CemeteryUSA ALFayette
Morris Chapel CemeteryUSA MOHarrison
Morrison CemeteryUSA WVLewis
Morse Neighborhood CemeteryUSA MAWorcester
Mortimer CemeteryUSA CTMiddlesex
Moscow CemeteryUSA IAMuscatine
Mound View CemeteryUSA OHKnox
Mount Auburn CemeteryUSA MAMiddlesex
Mount Bethel Church CemeteryUSA NJSomerset
Mount Calvary Catholic CemeteryUSA KSJohnson
mount carUSA WVHardy
Mount Carmel CemeteryUSA ILCook
Mount Carmel CemeteryUSA ILShelby
Mount Carmel CemeteryUSA TNTipton
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