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Smith Cemetery Sorted by Cemetery Name
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Cemetery NameCountry StateCounty
Normal Hill CemeteryUSA IDNez Perce
North Bridgewater CemeteryUSA VTWindsor
North Burial GroundUSA RIBristol
North Burial GroundUSA RIProvidence
North Canton CemeteryUSA OHStark
North Catawba Baptist Church CemeteryUSA NCCaldwell
North CemeteryUSA CTLitchfield
North CemeteryUSA MAHampshire
North CemeteryUSA MAMiddlesex
North CemeteryUSA VTAddison
North Edgecomb CemeteryUSA MELincoln
North Hadley CemeteryUSA MAHampshire
North Harpersfield CemeteryUSA NYDelaware
North Kirby-Brookside CemeteryUSA VTCaledonia
North Main Street CemeteryUSA VTRutland
North Platte CemeteryUSA NELincoln
North River CemeteryUSA MAFranklin
North Weymouth CemeteryUSA MANorfolk
Northfield Baptist CemeteryUSA NJEssex
Northfield CemeteryUSA CTLitchfield
Northfield Falls CemeteryUSA VTWashington
Northville CemeteryUSA CTLitchfield
Norway Rural CemeteryUSA NYHerkimer
Nova CemeteryUSA OHAshland
Novi CemeteryUSA MIOakland
Oak Cliff CemeteryUSA CTNew Haven
Oak Cliff CemeteryUSA TXDallas
Oak Dell CemeteryUSA RIWashington
Oak Forest Church CemeteryUSA MOWright
Oak Grove CemeteryUSA IAHarrison
Oak Grove CemeteryUSA KYClinton
Oak Grove CemeteryUSA MADukes
Oak Grove CemeteryUSA OHDelaware
Oak Hill CemeteryUSA FLLake
Oak Hill CemeteryUSA GACoweta
Oak Hill CemeteryUSA ILCarroll
Oak Hill CemeteryUSA KSCherokee
Oak Hill CemeteryUSA MANorfolk
Oak Hill CemeteryUSA MIOakland
Oak Hill CemeteryUSA NYSuffolk
Oak Hill CemeteryUSA RIProvidence
Oak Hill CemeteryUSA TNSullivan
Oak Island CemeteryUSA TXFreestone
Oak Lawn CemeteryUSA NHCheshire
Oak Lawn CemeteryUSA TXMilam
Oak Park CemeteryUSA INNoble
Oak Plain Presbyterian Church CemeteryUSA NCSampson
Oak Ridge CemeteryUSA SCMarlboro
Oakland CemeteryUSA ARPope
Oakland CemeteryUSA ILMcHenry
Oakland CemeteryUSA PAArmstrong
Oakland CemeteryUSA SCCherokee
Oaklawn Memorial GardensUSA FLBrevard
Oakwood CemeteryUSA ALChambers
Oakwood CemeteryUSA IACass
Oakwood CemeteryUSA ILGreene
Oakwood CemeteryUSA ILOgle
Oakwood CemeteryUSA NYSuffolk
Oakwood CemeteryUSA TXFannin
Oakwood CemeteryUSA TXGrayson
Ocoee CemeteryUSA FLOrange
Odd Fellows CemeteryUSA DEKent
Odd Fellows CemeteryUSA MSHolmes
Odd Fellows CemeteryUSA TXDenton
Ogden City CemeteryUSA UTWeber
Ohio CemeteryUSA IAIowa
Ohl CemeteryUSA PAJefferson
Okmulgee CemeteryUSA OKOkmulgee
Old Antioch CemeteryUSA TNJackson
Old Back CemeteryUSA CTNew Haven
Old Bennington CemeteryUSA VTBennington
Old Bethel CemeteryUSA ILMarion
Old Burying GroundUSA MAHampden
Old Burying GroundUSA MAMiddlesex
Old Burying GroundUSA MAMiddlesex
Old Burying Ground CemeteryUSA NYSuffolk
Old Burying Hill CemeteryUSA NYSuffolk
Old Calvary CemeteryUSA CAMonterey
Old Cathedral CemeteryUSA PAPhiladelphia
Old CemeteryUSA CTFairfield
Old CemeteryUSA CTNew Haven
Old Centre Burial GroundUSA MAWorcester
Old Centre CemeteryUSA NHRockingham
Old Christ Church CemeteryUSA VTWindsor
Old Congregational Burying GroundUSA CTFairfield
Old Covenanter CemeteryUSA ILMarion
Old Dunstable CemeteryUSA NHHillsborough
Old Dutch CemeteryUSA WVMorgan
Old Eastbury CemeteryUSA CTHartford
Old Farm Hill CemeteryUSA CTMiddlesex
Old Fayettville City CemeteryUSA TNLincoln
Old First Methodist Church CemeteryUSA NJMonmouth
Old Florence CemeteryUSA ARDrew
Old Hadley CemeteryUSA MAHampshire
Old Hall CemeteryUSA TXDenton
Old Hepzibah CemeteryUSA TNHenderson
Old Hickory Flat CemeteryUSA MSBenton
Old Hill CemeteryUSA INClay
Old Hopeful CemeteryUSA ALTalladega
Old Hopewell CemeteryUSA SCAnderson
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