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Smith Cemetery Sorted by Cemetery Name
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Cemetery NameCountry StateCounty
Smith Cemetery (Old TN66) USA TNHawkins
Smith Cemetery at PenhookUSA VAFranklin
Smith Cemetery IUSA PAGreene
Smith Chapel CemeteryUSA GACarroll
Smith Chapel CemeteryUSA MSPrentiss
Smith Chapel CemeteryUSA TNHenderon
Smith Chapel CemeteryUSA WVRitchie
Smith Chapel Wesleyan Church CemeteryUSA SCPickens
Smith Church CemeteryUSA WVMason
Smith Credille CemeteryUSA GAGreene
Smith FamilyCAN OntarioDurham Regional Muncipality
Smith FamilyUSA GAIrwin
Smith Family Burial GroundUSA NJCape May
Smith Family Burying GroundUSA MAHampden
Smith Family CemeteryUSA GAHouston
Smith Family CemeteryUSA GAJasper
Smith Family CemeteryUSA GAWilkinson
Smith Family CemeteryUSA ILHancock
Smith Family CemeteryUSA MABristol
Smith Family CemeteryUSA MDBaltimore
Smith Family CemeteryUSA NCBurke
Smith Family CemeteryUSA NCRockingham
Smith Family CemeteryUSA SCGreenville
Smith Family CemeteryUSA SCGreenville
Smith Family CemeteryUSA SCSpartanburg
Smith Family CemeteryUSA SCSpartanburg
Smith Family CemeteryUSA TXCherokee
Smith Family Cemetery #2USA MSPrentiss
Smith Family Cemetery #4USA ARLawrence
Smith Family Cemetery (Bathurst Plantation)USA VAEssex
Smith Family GraveyardUSA TNTipton
Smith Grave YardUSA LAWinn Parish
Smith GraveyardUSA VAHenrico
Smith Greene Family CemeteryUSA GAClay
Smith Grove CemeteryUSA ILBond
Smith Henson CemeteryUSA KYClay
Smith Hill CemeteryUSA MIGenessee
Smith Hill CemeteryUSA OHPike
Smith LotUSA RIProvidence
Smith LotUSA RIProvidence
Smith LotUSA RIProvidence
Smith Meadow CemeteryUSA NCJohnston
Smith Meeting House CemeteryUSA NHBelknap
Smith Mills CemeteryUSA KYHenderson
Smith ParkUSA TXRusk
Smith Place CemeteryUSA NCJohnston
Smith Plot USA MABerkshire
Smith TombUSA MAPlymouth
Smith-Bailey-Morgan CemeteryUSA GACoweta
Smith-Bonham CemeteryUSA SCSaluda
Smith-Butler Family CemeteryUSA NYGreene
Smith-Flanders CemeteryUSA GAJohnson
Smith-Gillaspy CemeteryUSA MSLawrence
Smith-Hardee CemeteryUSA NCPitt
Smith-Hunt LotUSA RIProvidence
Smith-John Cemetery (Pond) USA ALColbert
Smith-Mason CemeteryUSA CTWindham
Smith-Nelmes CemeteryUSA NCAnson
Smith-Rosalie CemeteryUSA TXRed River
Smith-Steere CemeteryUSA RIProvidence
Smith-Upshaw CemeteryUSA GACarroll
Smith/Baker CemeteryUSA MEKennebec
Smith/Dudley CemeteryUSA NHRockingham
Smith/Vittitow Family CemeteryUSA KYNelson
Smithfield City CemeteryUSA UTCache
Smiths CemeteryUSA MISt Clair
Smiths CemeteryUSA MOMiller
Smiths Chapel CemeteryUSA ARClay
Smiths Ferry CemeteryUSA MAHampden
Smiths Mill CemeteryUSA NYChautauqua
Smiths Run CemeteryUSA WVLewis
Smithton CemeteryUSA MEWaldo
Smithtown Baptist Church CemeteryUSA ALMobile
Smithtown CemeteryUSA NYSuffolk
Smithville CemeteryUSA NHHillsborough
Smithville CemeteryUSA WVMarion
Smthville CemeteryUSA NHHillsborough
Smyrna CemeteryUSA GABrantley
Smyrna United Methodist Church CemeteryUSA GAWilkes
Snicarte CemetaryUSA ILMason
Snicarte CemeteryUSA ILMason
Snow Hill CemeteryUSA GAWilkinson
Snow Methodist Church CemeteryUSA GADooly
Soddy Presbyterian CemeteryUSA TNHamilton
Soldiers and Sailors CemeteryUSA NEHall
Soloman Allred CemeteryUSA TNOverton
Solomon Smith Family CemeteryUSA NCCaldwell
South Amherst CemeteryUSA MAHampshire
South Burying GroundUSA CTHartford
South Burying GroundUSA MAMiddlesex
South CemeteryUSA CTLitchfield
South CemeteryUSA CTWindham
South CemeteryUSA MAWorcester
South Newbury CemeteryUSA OHGeauga
South Plattsburgh CemeteryUSA NYClinton
South Road CemeteryUSA NHMerrimack
South Salem CemeteryUSA OHRoss
South Windham CemeteryUSA VTWindham
Southford CemeteryUSA CTNew Haven
Sparta CemeteryUSA GAHancock
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