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Smith Cemetery Sorted by Cemetery Name
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Cemetery NameCountry StateCounty
Center CemeteryUSA MAPlymouth
Center CemeteryUSA NHHillsborough
Center CemeteryUSA NHRockingham
Center Haverhill CemeteryUSA NHGrafton
Center Hill CemeteryUSA ARWhite
Center Strafford CemeteryUSA NHStrafford
Centerview CemeteryUSA MOJohnson
Central CemeteryUSA MAEssex
Central CemeteryUSA NHHillsborough
Central CemeteryUSA NYEssex
Centre Presbyterian Church CemeteryUSA NCRobeson
Chanceford Presbyterian CemeteryUSA PAYork
Chapel Hill CemeteryUSA KYGraves
Chapel Hill CemeteryUSA MSCalhoun
Chapel Hill CemeteryUSA TNHenderson
Chapman CemeteryUSA TNWilson
Chappell CemeteryUSA MSForrest
Charity Chapel CemeteryUSA ALWashington
Charleston CemeteryUSA TNTipton
Chase CemeteryUSA NYOnondaga
Cherokee CemeteryUSA TXSan Saba
Cherry Creek CemeteryUSA MSPontotoc
Cherry Grove CemeteryUSA INRandolph
Chesaw CemeteryUSA WAOkanogan
Cheshire Street CemeteryUSA CTNew Haven
Chester Center CemeteryUSA MAHampden
Childers Chapel CemeteryUSA ALDallas
Chimney Rock CemeteryUSA TNScott
Chippenhook CemeteryUSA VTRutland
Christ Episcopal Church CemeteryUSA SCGreenville
Christian CemeteryUSA TNFentress
Christian View Church CemeteryUSA NCRockingham
Christies Chapel CemeteryUSA ARColumbia
Church Grove CemeteryUSA TNDyer
Circular Congregational Church Burying GroundUSA SCCharleston
Citizens CemeteryUSA INWabash
City CemeteryUSA ARCraighead
City Greenwood CemeteryUSA TXParker
City of Lubbock CemeteryUSA TXLubbock
Clarendon Flats CemeteryUSA VTRutland
Claridon Center CemeteryUSA OHGeauga
Clarindon Center CemeteryUSA OHGeauga
Clark CemeteryUSA NYJefferson
Clarksfield Methodist CemeteryUSA OHHuron
Clausland CemeteryUSA NYRockland
Clayton CemeteryUSA NMUnion
Clayton Smith CemeteryUSA TNOverton
Clear Creek Baptist Church CemeteryUSA MSCopiah
Clear Creek CemeteryUSA MSTippah
Clear Spring Baptist Church CemeteryUSA SCGreenville
Clements CemeteryUSA GALamar
Clemons-Ritchie CemeteryUSA KYBreathitt
Clymer Center CemeteryUSA NYChatauqua
Coates CemeteryUSA VTAddison
Cockerham CemeteryUSA MSMonroe
Coe Smith Burial GroundUSA NJSussex
Coffee Servants CemeteryUSA ALLauderdale
Cokes Chapel United Methodist Church CemeteryUSA GACoweta
Cold Springs CemeteryUSA NYNiagara
Cole CemeteryUSA WISauk
Coleman CemeteryUSA MONodaway
Colemans Mills CemeteryUSA NYOneida
Collier Family CemeteryUSA GAUpson
Collier CemeteryUSA GAMonroe
Collingwood CemeteryUSA OHLucas
Colonel Josiah Smith & Howell Private GraveyardUSA NYSuffolk
Colosse CemeteryUSA NYOswego
Colrain West Branch CemeteryUSA MAFranklin
Colter CemeteryUSA TNLincoln
Columbia CemeteryUSA TXBrazoria
Columbia Hill CemeteryUSA PAMontour
Colwell LotUSA RIProvidence
Commack CemeteryUSA NYSuffolk
Commerce CemeteryUSA TNWilson
Common Burying GroundUSA RINewport
Conarroe CemeteryUSA INTippecanoe
Concord Baptist Church CemeteryUSA ALHenry
Concord Baptist Church CemeteryUSA GAForsyth
Concord CemeteryUSA INTippecanoe
Concord CemeteryUSA TNWeakley
Concord CemeteryUSA TXHouston
Concord Cemetery #1USA KYHopkins
Concord United Methodist Church CemeteryUSA GACarroll
Condon Grove CemeteryUSA OKJohnston
Coneross CemeteryUSA SCOconee
Conewago Chapel Basilica CemeteryUSA PAAdams
Confederate Soldiers CemeteryUSA GANewton
Congregational CemeteryUSA MECumberland
Congregational Church CemeteryUSA CTNew Haven
Congressional CemeteryUSA DCDistrict of Columbia
Cook-Walden Capital Parks CemeteryUSA TXTravis
Cool Springs Baptist Church CemeteryUSA GAHall
Copperas Cove CemeteryUSA TXCoryell
Corbin Snyder CemeteryUSA VARockingham
Corinth Baptist Church CemeteryUSA GAHaralson
Corinth CemeteryUSA ALTuscaloosa
Corinth CemeteryUSA TXMilam
Corner House CemeteryUSA OHTrumbull
Cornett Hill CemeteryUSA KYKnott
Corzine CemeteryUSA KSSumner
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