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NameCemetery Birthdate/BirthplaceDeathdate/Deathplace
A J Smith Elm Grove Cemetery, Saint Marys, Auglaize, OH, USA11 May 1831/26 Jan 1905/Auglaize Co,OH,USA
Aaron Smith Burlington Cemetery, Burlington, Racine, CA, USA1760/MA,USA23 SEP 1838/Burlington, Racine Co,WI,USA
Aaron Smith Old Ponset Cemetery, Haddam, Middlesex, CT, USA16 Apr 1738/Haddam,Middlesex Co,CT,USA25 Nov 1825/Haddam,Middlesex Co,CT,USA
Aaron Smith Whipple Hollow Cemetery, West Rutland, Rutland, VT, USA/1788/Rutland Co,VT,USA
Aaron Smith Maple Hill Cemetery, Rouses Point, Clinton, NY, USA11 May 1755/Worcester MA 21 May 1824/Rouses Point, NY
Aaron Smith Kenyon Farm Cemetery, Smithtown , Suffolk, NY, USAApr 1741/Smithtown, Suffolk, NY 15 Feb 1794/Smithtown,Suffolk Co,NY,USA
Aaron Smith West Bradford Cemetery, Bradford, Orange, VT, USA23 Jul 1752/Hartford, CT 30 Jul 1838/Bradford,Orange Co,VT,USA
Aaron Smith Smith Chapel Cemetery, Prunty, Ritchie, WV, USA15 Dec 1830/Harrison Co,WV,USA31 Oct 1912/Ritchie Co,WV,USA
Aaron Smith Old Union Cemetery, Columbia, Boone, MO, USA1785/SCAFT 1850/,Boone,MO,USA
Aaron Smith Alderson Cemetery, Harveys Lake, Luzerne, PA, USAc 1842/PA, USA/
Aaron Smith Arnold Lot, Warwick, Kent, RI, USA21 Feb 1797/7 Aug 1845/
Aaron Smith East Cemetery, Marlborough, Cheshire, NH, USA/22 Nov 1840/
Aaron Smith Pine Hill Cemetery, Des Moines, Polk, IA, USAc 1823/IN,USA8 Mar 1864/Polk Co,IA,USA
Aaron A Smith Elm Grove Cemetery, Saint Marys, Auglaize, OH, USA14 Dec 1824/St Marys,Auglaize,OH,USA1916/St Marys,Auglaize Co,OH,USA
Aaron Blain Smith Bethel Cemetery, Old Fields, Hardy, WV, USA12 Sep 1884/10 Feb 1965/
Aaron Blain Smith Bethel Cemetery, Old Fields, Hardy, WV, USA12 Sep 1884/10 Feb 1965/
Aaron F  Smith Tishomingo City Cemetery, Tishomingo, Johnston, OK, USA29 Mar 1901/Emet,Johnston,OK,USA20 Sep 1986/Tishomingo,Johnston,OK,USA
Aaron Jay Smith Union Cemetery, Salem, Kenosha, WI, USA2 Feb 1922/Zion,Lake Co,IL,USA8 Jul 2007/Kenosha,Kenosha Co,WI,USA
Abigail Smith United First Parish Church, Quincy, Norfolk, MA, USA22 Nov 1744/Weymouth, MA 28 Oct 1818/Quincy,Norfolk,MA,USA
Abigail Smith Waeir Cemetery, Southport, Chemung, NY, USA10 May 1791/23 Apr 1860/Southport,Chemung,NY,USA
Abijah Smith Central Cemetery, New Ipswich, Hillsborough, NH, USA27 Jun 1765/9 Nov 1825/
Abijah Smith Potter Cemetery, Galway, Saratoga, NY, USA2 Jul 1757/NY10 Sep 1820/Galway,Saratoga Co,NY,USA
Abijah Smith Mountain View Cemetery, Orwell, Addison, VT, USA3 Nov 1764/Athol,Worcester Co,MA,USA10 Sep 1846/Orwell,Addison Co,VT,USA
Abijah Smith Randolph Center Cemetery, Randolph, Orange, VT, USA9 Sep 1792/Ashford,Windham Co,CT,USA2 Jun 1888/Randolph,Orange Co,VT,USA
Abner Smith Chester Center Cemetery, Chester Center, Hampden, MA, USA9 Nov 1722/CT,USA19 Oct 1794/Chester Center,Hampden Co,MA,USA
Abner Smith West End Cemetery, Marlow, Cheshire, NH, USA1757/Lyme,New London Co,CT,USA23 Nov 1838/Marlow,Cheshire Co,NH,USA
Abner Smith Kelsey Cemetery, Cromwell, Middlesex, CT, USA5 Feb 1729/Haddam, Middlesex, CT4 May 1812/West Cromwell,Middlesex Co,CT,USA
Abner Smith Rome Proctorville Cemetery, Proctorville, Lawrence, OH, USA1802/1889/Proctorville,Lawrence Co,OH,USA
Abner Smith Franklin Township Cemetery, Cooper, Greene, IA, USAc 1819/NJ,USA21 Mar 1895/Greene,IA,USA
Abner Smith Black Jack Cemetery, Burleson, TX, USA4 Jul 1781/Warren,NC,USA26 Apr 1872/Burleson,TX,USA
Abraham Smith Thorngrove Cemetery, Thorn Grove, Knox, TN, USA1811/Knox Co,TN,USASep 1879/Thorn Grove,Knox Co,TN,USA
Abraham Smith Friends Burying Ground, New Bedford, Bristol, MA, USA9 Jun 1749/Dartmouth, Bristol, MA24 Jun 1826/New Bedford, Bristol, MA
Abraham Smith Saint Charles Borromeo Cemetery, Grand Coteau, St Landry Parish, LA, USA14 Apr 1858/Grand Coteau Co,LA,USA1 May 1939/Grand Coteau Co,LA,USA
Abraham Smith Smiths Run Cemetery, Lewis, WV, USA14 Jul 1800/8 Apr 1870/Lewis Co,WV,USA
Abraham Smith Abram Smith Cemetery, Pruntytown, Taylor, WV, USA21 Jun 1790/21 Oct 1874/Pruntytown,Taylor Co,WV,USA
Abraham Smith Thorngrove Cemetery, Thorn Grove, Knox, TN, USAc 1811/TN,USASep 1879/Knox,TN,USA
Abraham Elias Smith Smith Cemetery, Rison, Cleveland, AR, USA15 Sep 1782/Amherst Co,VA,USA17 Aug 1864/Rison,Cleveland Co,AR,USA
Abraham Hurley Smith Shamrock Cemetery, Shamrock, Wheeler, TX, USA13 Feb 1866/Arrow Rock,Saline,MO,USA20 Aug 1944/Shamrock,Wheeler,TX,USA
Absalom Smith Williamsburg Cemetery, Williamsburg, Clermont, OH, USA20 Nov 1757/Amwell Twp., Hunterdon Co., New Jersey Colony28 Dec 1834/Williamsburg Twp., Clermont Co., Ohio
Absalom Smith Draper City Cemetery, Draper, Salt Lake, UT, USA22 Jun 1819/VA,USA12 May 1904/Draper, UT
Absolom Smith Old Antioch Cemetery, Jackson, TN, USA16 Oct 1781/PA, USA15 Sep 1858/,Jackson,TN,USA
Achilles Smith Sappington Cemetery, Crestwood, St Louis, MO, USA7 Dec 1793/Franklin, VA16 Nov 1883/Farmington, St Francois, MO
Ada Bell Smith Mountview Cemetery, Billings, Yellowstone, MT, USA22 Aug 1876/Baxter Springs,Cherokee,KS,USA6 Aug 1900/Billings,Yellowstone,MT,USA
Adam Smith Poplar Fork Cemetery, Gratiot, Licking, OH, USA1768/Frederick Co,VA,USA1838/Putnam Co,OH,USA
Adam Smith Cosperville Cemetery, Wawaka, Noble, IN, USA1817/OH17 Mar 1870/Noble Co,IN,USA
Adolphus Smith Rose Hill Cemetery, Saint Clair, St Clair, MI, USA1809/NY,USA1880/St Clair Co,MI,USA
Adolphus Smith Rose Hill Cemetery, Saint Clair, St Clair, MI, USA1809/NY,USA1880/St Clair Co,MI,USA
Agnes Smith William the Elder Lipscomb Family Cemetery, Cherokee, SC, USA25 Aug 1776/15 Apr 1816/Cherokee,SC,USA
Ahijah Smith Hopewell United Methodist Church Cemetery, Trinity, Randolph, NC, USA7 Oct 1799/Randolph Co,NC,USA14 Sep 1871/Randolph Co,NC,USA
Albert Smith Iron River Cemetery, Iron River, Iron, MI, USAc 1856/Bialystok Co,Podlaskie Voivodeship,POLApr 1954/Iron River,Iron Co,MI,USA
Albert Smith Thornville Cemetery, Dryden, Lapeer, MI, USA14 Jan 1848/Ontario,Canada14 Jan 1912/Lapeer Co,MI,USA
Albert Smith Pioneer Memorial Cemetery, San Bernadino, San Bernadino, CA, USA/14 Nov 1892/,,CA,USA
Albert Arnold Smither Hillcrest Memorial Park, Lexington, Fayette, KY, USA27 Oct 1918/11 Sep 2005/KY,USA
Albert B Smith Graceland Cemetery, Graceland, Madison, SD, USANov 1852/PA,USA22 Oct 1934/Madison,Lake Co,SD,USA
Albert Curlee Smith Johnson-Batts, Mount Pleasant, Titus, TX, USA25 Nov 1830/Rutherford Co, TN, USA18 Jul 1878/Mt Pleasant,Titus,TX,USA
Albert Dozier Smith Fredonia Cemetery, Thomas, GA, USA8 Sep 1832/GA,USA4 Jul 1900/Thomas Co,GA,USA
Albert Eugene Smith Mayflower Cemetery, Rawlins, KS, USA28 Oct 1863/Orange Co,IN,USA2 Jun 1926/Rawlins,KS,USA
Albert Gallatin Smith San Marcos Cemetery, San Marcos, Hays, TX, USA22 Jun 1832/Henry Co, VA, USA4 Dec 1916/San Marcos,Hays Co,TX,USA
Albert Glenn Smith Bird Smith Cemetery, Ellabell, Bryan, GA, USA26 May 1827/28 Sep 1886/
Albert Glenn Smith Bird Smith Cemetery, Ellabell, Bryan, GA, USA30 Jan 1866/22 Dec 1926/
Albert Harvey Smith Belvidere Cemetery, Belvidere, Boone, IL, USA20 Jan 1890/Chicago,Cook,IL,USA10 Aug 1919/Belvidere,Boone,IL,USA
Albert Lee  Smith Kingston Cemetery, Kingston, Marshall, OK, USA31 May 1889/9 Dec 1974/Kingston,Marshall Co,OK,USA
Albert Lee Smither Highview Cemetery, Chaplin, Nelson, KY, USA10 Sep 1861/Nelson Co,KY,USA25 Feb 1946/Spencer Co,KY,USA
Albert Raymond Smith Ford Cemetery, Belleville, Wood, WV, USA4 Jan 1901/Wood Co,WV,USA16 Dec 1954/Parkersburg,Wood Co,WV,USA
Albert Winston Smith Shows Cemetery, Laurel, Jones, MS, USA8 Sep 1897/Neshoba,MS,USA24 Nov 1961/Jones,MS,USA
Alexander Smith Smith Cemetery, Limestone, AL, USA1793/Buckingham Co,VA,USA3 Jan 1852/Limestone Co,AL,USA
Alexander Smith Ebenezer United Methodist Church Cemetery, Archdale, Randolph, NC, USA30 May 1747/ NC, USA8 Sep 1825/Randolph Co,NC,USA
Alexander Smith Allenville Cemetery, Allenville, Winnebago, WI, USA4 Aug 1796/Washington Co,NY,USA16 Jan 1882/Vinland, Winnebago Co, WI
Alexander Smith West Cemetery, Amherst, Hampshire, MA, USA11 Oct 1717/Amherst, Hampshire, MA21 Sep 1787/Amherst, Hampshire, MA
Alexander Smith Abrams Plains Plantation Cemetery, Stovall, Granville, NC, USA11 Feb 1781/Granville Co,NC,USA25 Dec 1827/
Alexander Smith Smith Family Cemetery, Bonaire, Houston, GA, USA8 Dec 1805/21 Oct 1864/,Houston,GA,USA
Alexander Smith Smith Cemetery, Viola, Coffee, TN, USA29 Dec 1837/10 May 1890/
Alexander Smith Miller Cemetery, Deacon, Cass, IN, USA1 Dec 1816/,,OH,USA15 Oct 1876/
Alexander Smith All Saints Churchyard, Narborough, Breckland Borough, Norfolk, England1782/31 Jul 1822/Breckland Borough Co,Norfolk,England
Alexander Smith All Saints Churchyard, Narborough, Breckland Borough, Norfolk, England1757/22 Jul 1839/Norfolk,England
Alexander Smith Mount Royal Cemetery, Montreal, Montreal Region, QUEBEC, Canada/20 Jul 1895/Montreal,Montreal Region Co,Quebec,Canada
Alexander Smith Maplewood Cemetery, Anderson, Madison, IN, USA/13 Sep 1896/Anderson,Madison Co,IN,USA
Alexander SMITH Ebenezer United Methodist Church Cemetery, Archdale, Randolph, NC, USA30 May 1747/Frederiek Co,VA,USA8 Sep 1828/Randolph Co,NC,USA
Alexander Coke Smith Smith Family Cemetery, Bonaire, Houston, GA, USA3 Dec 1845/,,GA,USAJan 1847/,Houston,GA,USA
Alexander Daniel Smith Ashland Cemetery, Saint Joseph, Buchanan, MO, USA16 Nov 1869/Richmond,Ray,MO,USA8 May 1952/Saint Joseph,Buchanan,MO,USA
Alexander J Smith Van Duzer Cemetery, Veteran, Chemung, NY, USA16 Oct 1839/Schuyler,NY,USA9 Mar 1911/Veteran,Chemung,NY,USA
Alexander N Smith Fergason Cemetery, Hatton, Lawrence, AL, USA4 Jan 1830/AL,USA29 Aug 1909/Hatton,Lawrence Co,AL,USA
Alexander P Smith Black Jack Cemetery, Sardis, Panola, MS, USA27 Apr 1848/25 Dec 1900/
Alexander Washington Smith Lexington City Cemetery, Lexington, Davidson, NC, USA1814/,Davidson,NC,USA1893/,Davidson,NC,USA
Alexzander P Smith Elmwood Cemetery, Birmingham, Jefferson, AL, USA1 Jan 1843/Tattnall,GA,USA28 Dec 1922/Birmingham,Jefferson,AL,USA
Alfred Smith Falkner Cemetery, Falkner, Tippah, MS, USA24 May 1853/Lincoln, TN, USA28 Jul 1935/Tippah Co,MS,USA
Alfred A Smith Fairview Cemetery, West Hartford, CT, USA1881/27 Oct 1974/
Alfred Freeman Smith Dry Branch Cemetery, Ingram, Kerr, TX, USA16 Aug 1838/GA,USA21 Sep 1906/Kerr Co,TX,USA
Alfred Mazzini Smith Woodhouse Hill Cemetery, Leeds, Metropolitan Borough of Leeds, West Yorkshire, England7 Apr 1855/Fulstone,Yorkshire,England12 May 1915/Hunslet,Leeds,Yorkshire,England
Alfred Peyton Smith Bird Smith Cemetery, Ellabell, Bryan, GA, USA28 Nov 1869/31 Oct 1907/
Alice B Smith Unitia Cemetery, Loudon, TN, USA25 Apr 1878/TN,USA28 Dec 1970/
Alice E Smith Panama Union Cemetery, Panama, Chatauqua, NY, USA1841/1879/Chautaqua,NY,USA
Alice Jane Smith Raymondville Memorial Cemetery, Raymondville, Willacy, TX, USA14 Jun 1878/Springtown,Parker,TX,USA13 Mar 1959/Raymondville,Willacy,TX,USA
Alice Mary Smith Rock Creek Cemetery, Washington, DC, DC, USA1862/kirksville, Adair Co, MOMar 1928/Ft. Sill, Comanche Co, OK
Allen Smith Beach Grove Cemetery7 Sep 1802/Sandy Bay,Essex Co,MA,USA5 Jul 1884/Rockport,Essex Co,MA,USA
Allen Smith Riverside Cemetery, Plattsburgh, Clinton, NY, USA11 Mar 1758/New Haven Co,CT,USA30 Jul 1847/Plattsburg,Clinton Co,NY,USA
Allen F Smithson Henrieville Cemetery, Henrieville, Garfield, UT, USA/1875/,,CA,USA
Allen G Smith Lynwood Cemetery, Clarksville, Butler, IA, USA1860/1936/
Allison Woodville Smith Shoal Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Cleveland, White, GA, USA13 May 1834/Gilmer Co,GA,USA13 Sep 1860/Gilmer Co,GA,USA
Alma Smith Mount Washington Cemetery, Independence, Jackson, MO, USA3 Jan 1846/KY,USA3 Mar 1922/Jackson Co,MO,USA
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