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Smith Official DNA & One Name Study Project
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DateCountry StateCounty Last FirstB/D DNA Y/N
1920USA MTCascade Jurie B.  Smith 26 Mar 1879/9 Nov 1942 Y
1940USA MTCuster Maurice A Smith c 1907/17 Oct 1978
1900USA MTDawson Andrew Smith 1855/ Y
1910USA MTLincoln Alonzo Smith 17 Dec 1833/5 Jun 1911
1910USA MTMissoula Edmund H Smith 14 Oct 1834/25 Sep 1912
1920USA MTMusselshell Jasper A Smith c 1885/17 Jun 1964
1910USA MTSanders George W Smith * Jan 1864/15 Jul 1961
1940USA MTSheridan Diamond Richard Smith 11 Sep 1892/24 Mar 1970
1920USA MTSilver Bow Henry Smith 1854/ Y