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Smith Official DNA & One Name Study Project
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List of Lineage People in Group GRP-R-M269-70
Abraham SmithCT/1780/
Allen SmithDutchess, NY /11 Sep 1792/
Almerin SmithShoreham,Addison Co,VT,USA/16 Aug 1783Savannah,Carroll Co,IL,USA/13 Jun 1854
Amos SmithStamford, Fairfield, CT/17 Oct 1716Stamford, Fairfield, CT/1765
Amos SmithStamford,Fairfield Co,CT,USA/4 Oct 1743Stamford,Fairfield Co,CT,USA/12 Apr 1819
Andrew Smith/1804/
Arba Smith/5 Dec 1808/13 Dec 1883
Arthur Jacob Smith/1864/
Ashael Smith/c 1787/
Benjamin Smith/1750/1775
Benjamin SmithGreenwich, CT/c 1690/
Caleb Smith/1725/1760
Caleb Smith/1758/1838
Caleb SmithGreenwich, CT/c 1699Fairfield, CT /1760
Caleb SmithStamford, CT/23 Apr 1779Fayette, IN/3 May 1830
Charles Smith/1739/1784
Charles SmithStamford, CT/7 Apr 1715CT/11 Jan 1773
Charles Lee Smith/1803/
Daniel Smith/1763/1831
Daniel Smith/1725/1755
Daniel SmithGreenwich, CT/c 1680/
Daniel SmithStamford, CT /1648/
Daniel B SmithCT,USA/1774Ruggles,Ashland Co,Huron,OH/1828
David Smith/1705/1738
David Smith/1743/1769
Dorastus Smith//
Earle Smith/19 Jun 1794/9 Jul 1859
Ebenezer Smith/1690/1763
Eli Smith/1786/1811
Eli SmithNine Partners, NY /10 Nov 1751Shoreham,Addison Co,VT,USA/12 May 1816
Enos SmithDutchess Co, NY/1781/
Erastus H Smith//
Ezra SmithGreenwich, CT/24 Nov 1705Fairfield, CT /c 1761
Ezra SmithGreenwich, CT/1705/
Ezra Daniel SmithWarren, Litchfield Co, CT/23 Feb 1802Prairie City, McDonough, IL /19 Jul 1881
Frank Wiley SmithGenossea, IL/30 Mar 1855Kansas City, MO/10 Oct 1925
Franklin Slye SmithTiconderoga Co,NY,USA/15 Jan 1851Chicago,Cook Co,IL,USA/1 Jan 1925
George Starr Smith/1816/
Heman Smith/1779/1866
Henry Smith//
Henry Smith//
Henry SmithDutchess Co, NY/3 Apr 1785/
Henry SmithEngland/1619Fairfield, CT /1687
Henry Green SmithBridgeport,Green MT Co,VT,USA/23 Jun 1835Palmyra,Marion Co,MO,USA/19 Sep 1874
Herbert Mason SmithLisbon, NH/10 Apr 1858Sugar Hill, NH/25 Jun 1951
Howard Jaudon SmithPalmyra, Marion Co, MO /27 Feb 1884Tuscon, Pima, AZ/28 Oct 1960
Howard McDonald SmithMO//
Isaac Smith/19 Jul 1781/5 Aug 1810
Isaac Smith/1727/1735
Isaac Smith/1720/
Isaac SmithDutchess, NY/5 May 1795/
Isaac SmithStamford,Fairfield Co,CT,USA/16 Jan 1757Stamford,Fairfield Co,CT,USA/16 Feb 1805
Jabez SmithGreenwich, CT /c 1686/
James Smith//c 1787
James Smith/3 Aug 1782/8 Feb 1855
James Smith/1722/
John Smith/1683/1711
John SmithStamford, CT /c 1650CT/3 Nov
John Eldridge Smith/1792/
John Larrabee SmithTiconderoga,Essex Co,NY,USA/11 Oct 1825Omaha,Douglas Co,NE,USA/25 Nov 1888
John Lucius Smith/1807/
Jonathan Smith/1699/1762
Joseph Smith/1706/
Joseph Smith//
Joseph Smith//
Joseph Smith/1711/1755
Joseph SmithAmernia, Dutchess, NY /19 Mar 1755/
Joseph SmithDutchess, NY/14 Feb 1783/
Joseph SmithGreenwich, CT /1683Fairfield, CT /12 Mar 1755
Joseph SmithSpencertown, NY/26 Mar 1782Shoreham, VT/17 Jan 1863
Joseph Morton Smith//1858
Joshua SmithGreenwich, CT/c 1679/Dec 1706
Josiah Smith//
Josiah SmithNew London Co,CT,USA/1750Tamworth,Carroll Co,NH,USA/18 Mar 1838
Justin Larrabee SmithOmaha, NE/13 Jun 1878Redlands, CA/3 Aug 1921
Lemuel Smith//
Leonard Smith/9 Nov 1837/14 Aug 1897
Lockwood Smith//
Lockwood SmithCT/c 1743Dutchess, NY/
Lockwood SmithUlster, Bradford Co, PA /c 1790/
Louis David SmithPrairie City, McDonough, IL /29 Jun 1865Quanah, Hardeman Co, TX/24 May 1944
Morris SmithDutchess, NY/12 Aug 1787/
Moses SmithGreenwich, CT /c 1703/
Moses SmithGreenwich, CT/1703/
Nathan SmithGreenwich, CT//
Nathan SmithGreenwich, Fairfield, CT/1716Nina, Dutchess, NY /1760
Nathan SmithGreenwich,Fairfield Co,CT,USA/1740Shoreham,Addison Co,VT,USA/1795
Nathan SmithManchester, Bennington, VT/1761Lyons, NY /2 Oct 1845
Nathaniel Smith/1693/1767
Nathaniel Smith/1752/1803
Nathaniel SmithScofield,Fairfield Co,CT,USA/11 Nov 1729Stamford,Fairfield Co,CT,USA/1812
Ora Smith/1800/
Orrin SmithDutchess, NY/3 Sep 1797/
Oscar S SmithBath, Steuben, NY /31 Mar 1816/
Peter Smith/c 1728/
Peter SmithGreenwich,Fairfield Co,CT,USA/3 Feb 1728Pine Plains,Dutchess Co,NY,USA/16 Nov 1820
Philemon SmithStamford, CT/1 Sep 1760Putnam, NY /21 Feb 1834
Phillip Smith/1765/1847
Pierpont Edward Smith/1800/
Platt SmithUlster, Bradford, PA /1799/
Reuben Smith/bef 1724/
Reuben Smith/c 1745/
Reuben SmithDutchess, NY/25 Oct 1778/
Reuben O SmithBath, Steuben, NY /22 Feb 1823/
Robert Julius Smith/1910/
Rollin Coleman SmithShoreham, VT/18 May 1809Omaha, NE/29 Dec 1873
Samuel Smith/16 Oct 1800/30 Jan 1873
Samuel Smith/1714/
Samuel Smith/1765/1835
Samuel Smith//
Samuel SmithCT/c 1803Hancock, IN/after 8 Apr 1854
Samuel SmithStamford, CT/18 May 1737Phillipstown, Dutchess, NY/1775
Samuel SmithStamford, Fairfield, CT /8 Dec 1679Stamford, CT /10 Oct 1703
Samuel F Smith/1 Feb 1814/1 Mar 1899
Samuel F Smith/10 May 1856/
Silas Smith//
Stephen Smith/27 Jan 1800/
Stephen Smith/1746/1775
Stephen Smith/2 Apr 1764/after 1800
Stephen SmithNine Partners,Dutchess Co,NY,USA/1742Shoreham,Addison Co,VT,USA/Jul 1829
Theodore Velmour Smith/1836/
Walter Evander SmithRuggles,Huron Co,OH,USA/20 Feb 1827Denison,Grayson Co,TX,USA/3 Dec 1909
Ward P Smith/11 Jan 1830/19 Jun 1888
Watson Birchard SmithBrandon Co,VT,USA/2 Oct 1837Omaha Co,NE,USA/4 Nov 1881
Willard Duane Smith/4 Jun 1856/
Willard Duane Smith/4 Jun 1856/
William SmithUlster, Bradford, Pa /10 May 1786/
William Morgan Smith/1840/1911
William Sniffin Smith/1847/

For the Smith Official DNA Project (All Locations) a minimum of 25, or better, 37 YDNA markers, is strongly recommended. Many times one can appear to match other kits but the match falls apart after 12 markers. We do not attempt to match kits into groups on less than 25 with the exception of a strong paper trail or known family kinship with another tester.


Smith Official DNA Project (All Locations)  data is copyrighted, in aggregate,  to this project, a FamilyTreeDNA Project
Any other aggregate use is not permitted, without the expression permission of the administrators of this project.
We appreciate links to the Smiths Official DNA -All Locations project, but do ask that site links, particularly when there is potential confusion, point to the
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