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Smith Official DNA & One Name Study Project
Smith Official DNA Project at FamilyTreeDNA-All Locations

Come Join the Smith Official DNA Project at FamilyTreeDNA! THE Smith DNA Project for ALL Locations

Smith/Schmidt/Smyth/Smythe One Name Study- Origins, Migration and Distribution Report
This report is to show originating origins for Smith surnames when known and specific. The report is broken down by main regional/country location, province/state location, shire/county location, links to the surname origin, and members associated with this location. Click the links on locations to see maps, member ancestors associated with a given location, and additional information, including DNA if testing has been done.
Country List- # of people in each country, link to members list and map

Smith Name Origins (inc nicknames, variant and deviants

Frequency and distribution

Smith Members by Country-Map

DNA Project Maps -on Groups-see each group for map

Placename Origins (on location map pages)

*We are updating the info on this page based on the location membership (ie, consolidating and refining duplicate locations)  and anticipate this will take several months. If you want your location shown sooner, feel free to email us at

Country Location # Members
USASmyth Co,VA,USA Members
USASpotsylvania Co,VA,USA Members
USASpotsylvania,Amherst Co,VA,USA Members
USAStafford,King George Co,VA,USA Members
USASurry Co,VA,USA Members
USAWinchester,Frederick Co,VA,USA Members
USAYorktown,York Co,VA,USA Members
USAAddison Co,VT,UsA Members
USABaltimore,Windsor Co,VT,USA Members
USABennington Co,VT,USA Members
USAMount Holly,Rutland Co,VT,USA Members
USASt Albans, Franklin, Vermont, USA Members
USAKanahwha Co,WV,USA Members
USAMoorefield,Hardy Co,WV,USA Members
USAPendleton Co,WV,USA Members
USAWellsburg,Brooke Co,WV,USA Members
USAWood Co,WV,USA Members
WalesWales Members
WalesMonmouthshire, Wales Members
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