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Smith Official DNA & One Name Study Project
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Group GRP-R-M198-4

Andrew Smith b c 1780 IRE, Lawrence L Smith b c 1887 IN
and Type With tree listing

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Matched Group Type Tree/Ped/m/Y/X/FF(Aut) Early Ancestor Migration Path
GRP-R-M198-4 Branch doY2sgypbk/ YDNA     Andrew Smith b 1803 KY m Mahala V Suttle KY>AL
GRP-R-M198-4 Branch BYFX9fNxtV(FTD)/ YDNA     Andrew Smith Sr., b.c. 1780, Ireland Ireland > Ireland
GRP-R-M198-4 Branch 8XfPzo18042846/Tree Only    James Andrew Smith b 1754 Bedford CoVA m Alice M Truax VA>KY
GRP-R-M198-4 Branch GRP-R-M198-4-2(FTD)/ YDNA     James Andrew Smith b 1754 VA m Alice Margaret Truax VA>KY>IN
GRP-R-M198-4 Branch CZs6XD18051014(FTD)/ YDNA     John Smith b 1757 Cumberland PA m Elizabeth Byers Davis PA>OH
GRP-R-M198-4 Branch vbY3Pf18103320(FTD)/ YDNA     John Smyth- Strabane, County Tyrone Ireland County Tyrone Ireland

This chart, for privacy reasons, does not show kit numbers
Groupings based on at least 37 markers, subject to change if better match found-

The section with Tree/Ped/m/x/Y/FF(Aut) shows the top tree line and pedigree if known, and what the YDNA, mtDNA, X line would look like-does not necessarily mean the person has done a particular test- column 2 shows the test taken Groupings based on YDNA; mtDNA and FF/Aut are assumed to match based on tree; suggest those kits find a Smith male in line to YDNA compare

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For the Smith Official DNA Project (All Locations) a minimum of 25, or better, 37 markers, is strongly recommended. Many times one can appear to match other kits but the match falls apart after 12 markers. We do not attempt to match kits into groups on less than 25 with the exception of a strong paper trail or known family kinship with another tester.


Smith Official DNA Project (All Locations)  data is copyrighted, in aggregate,  to this project, a FamilyTreeDNA Project
Any other aggregate use is not permitted, without the expression permission of the administrators of this project.
We appreciate links to the Smiths Official DNA -All Locations project, but do ask that site links, particularly when there is potential confusion, point to the
Join page at FamilyTreeDNA for the Smith Official All DNA Project, that you clearly indicate that the link goes to the Smith Official DNA  Project (All Locations)  and that our project data not be sent out via spreadsheet, email or other means without our (admins on the Smith Official DNA Project) express permission.  The Smith Official DNA Project at FamilyTreeDNA is not affiliated with strictly regional projects Smith Connections-Northeastern which is a FamilyTree regional project for those with connections in specific northeastern US states such as NY/CT, etc  nor with Smiths of Abbeville SC,. We are the official Smith DNA project for ALL Smith Schmidt Smyth Smythe etc of ALL Locations and include all northeastern US states as well as Abbeville SC Smiths and all other locations in the world. Thank you.