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5001 Will mentions Nancy, wife; Jonathan, William H., John, sons; Elizabeth Chenoweth, dau. Sale Bill dated Feb 1849. Appraisement dated 25 Mar 1848 and Feb 1849. Currence, William Jr (I80541)
5002 Will of Elizabeth Smith Jones County North Carolina March 25 1803 Found on Family on an image of will book A page 270 Image 141 Jones County Wills:
North Carolina, Probate Records, 1735-1970 Image North Carolina, Probate Records, 1735-1970; pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-1-19444-80536-49 —
I Elizabeth Smith of the County of Jones and State of North Carolina of sound mind & memory do make, ordane, constitute this my last will and Testament, hereby revoking all others by me made, & touching my worldly affairs after my body is decently intired it is my will and desire that my son James Smith should have all my lands on Whiteoak whereon I last lived & joining A. Smith’s land which said land I give & bequeath unto my son James Smith his heirs & assigns for ever.
2 I give & bequeath to my two sons Bazell & James Smith the money due me from Richard Nixon which is upwards of Fourty Pounds & my mare to be sold & the monry arising from the sale of the mare with that due from Nixon tobe put at interest, & when my oldest son Bazell arrives to full age to be equally devided between Bazell and James & the part alloted to James to be kept at interest till he arrives at lawful age, to them, their heirs and assigns for ever.
3 I give and bequeath to my daughter Eliza Smith all my part of a family of negros now in the posseesion of my mother & to be divided equally between her children at her decease unto my daughter Eliza her heirs & assigns for ever.
4 I give & bequeath to my daughter Eliza all my proportional part of my husband’s estate which is yet undivided, one bed & furniture, one cloth’s chest, half a dozen tea spoons, & one pat spoon silver, & one saddle, to her & her heirs & assigns for ever.
5 And lastly I appoint & constitute my Brother R. Nixon & my friend Josiah Howard my executors of this my last will & testament. In witness hereof I hereunto set my hand and seal this 25 of March 1803 in the presence of the subscribing Evidence.

R. Dickson Betsy Smith
Titus Howard
Sarah Fields

State of North Carolina
Jones County Court November Term 1803.
Then was the last will and testament of Betsy Smith deceased duly proved in open Court in the form of law by the oaths of Titus Howard, & Sarah Fields, two of the subscribing witnesses thereto & ordered to be recorded.
Attest Wm Orme cc 
Elizabeth Nixon (I64686)
5003 Will of George K Smith
Pittsylvania VA
Will Book 2 p 18
Made: 24 May 1845
Recorded: 17 Aug 1845
I George K. Smith of Pittsylvania County and Stateof Virginia do hereby make this my last will and testament in manner and form following to wit.
1st It is my will and desire that all of my just debts be first paid.
2dly I give to my wife Susan Smith five hundred acres of Land including my dwelling house and plantation whereon I at present reside together with all my household and kitchen furniture, stocks of horses, cattle, hogs, sheep, crops of all descriptions, plantation tools, and all my negro slaves to wit, Mariah, Mary, Bob, Alex, Capa, Chana, and Sam together with their future increase for and during the term of her natural life, and after her decease I give the same to my children herein named
3dly I give to my son Jabez Smith Jr. in way of land nine hundred thirty dollars which said land I have previously deeded to him.
4thly I give to my son Ralph Smith nine hundred thirty dollars in way of land which said land I have previously deeded to him.
5thly I give to my son William Smith two hundred acres of land lying on the North side of Jeffersons road beginning on the ___ of Tomahawk hill on the side road, thence running rather a N.E. course to DavidH. Grubbs line, thence along sd Grubbs line to a corner postoak, thence a dividing line to be made to a fence on Tomahawk Creek, thence a West course up to Shockleys Branch so as to include two hundred acres in said tract which said land I value at nine hundred thirty dollars.
6thly I give to my daughter Rhoda Reynolds one hundred twenty acres of land adjoining the lands whereon John Reynolds her husband at present
resides, beginning near Tomahawk Creek at the mouth of a lane between John Reynolds and Ralph Smith thence with said Smith's line a N.W. course across Jeffersons road, thence to N. West course so far as to include one hundred twenty acres as aforesaid, which said lot of land I wish to be hereafter valued in cash and which valuation my said daughter, in a final division of my estate is to account for hereafter.
7thly I give to my three sons, to wit, Jabez Smith,Jr., Ralph Smith, and William Smith in trust for the sole use and benefit of my daughter Elizabeth Mayhan for and during the term of her natural life, the following described lot of land, containing one hundred twenty acres
more or less and bounded as follows to wit, beginning on the top of Tomahawk hill at William Smith's corner herein named thence along Jeffersons road South East to Michael Bransons line, thence along Bransons line to David H. Grubbs line, then along the same N. West to William Smith's corner in sd. Grubbs line thence along same in line to the beginning which said lot of land I wish to valued by commissioners hereafter appointed which valuation I wish to be accounted for when a final division of my estate takes place.
I also give to my three sons above named in like manner as that of the one hundred twenty acres of land, in trust, an equal portion of my estate for the use and benefit of my said daughter Elizabeth Mahan after first deducting the valuation of the above named land and after the death of my said daughter I desire that the above named lot of land
and other estate and property which may fall to my three sons as trustees for my said daughter provided she has any, and if not, then I desire that the aforesaid land and other personal estate be equally divided among my lawful heirs.
8thly I give to my daughter Nancy Anderson a lotortract of land containing one hundred thirty seven acres adjoining the land of Capt. George Craft and Capt. John Wright which said land I wish to be valued and accounted for in a final division of my estate.
9thly I give the remaining part of my lands to my two daughters namely: Polly Smith and Letitia Smith to be valued and accounted for in final division of my estate.
10thly It is my will and desire that after the deathof my wife Susan Smith the balance of my estate both real and personal, land negroes &c shall be equally divided among all my children herein named, first charging them with valuation of land given off, or herein bequeathed, except Elizabeth Mayhan, whose part of my estate, I herein give to my three sons, above named in trust for the sole use and benefit
of my said daughter Elizabeth which Estate I wish for them to manage in the most profitable manner and hand over to her, annually the profitsor income of said estate, including the land and that part which may fall
to her after charging the Valuation of the said land for and during the term of her natural life and after her death I give the same as herein before named -
And lastly I hereby constitute my three sons Jabez Smith, Jr.,
Ralph Smith and William Smith executors of this my last will and testament - In witness whereof I have set my hand and seal this 24th day
of May 1845.
Jabez Smith, senr
George K. Smith
George Craft Jr.
John P. Wright

At a Court held for the County of Pittsylvania the 17th day of August 1846 This last will and Testament of George K. Smith dec'd was presented in Court and proved by two subscribing witnesses and ordered to be recorded and on motion of Jabez Smith Jr., Ralph Smith and William
Smith the Executors in said will named who made oath according to law and with Demarcus Anderson, Watoaty Anderson, John P. Wright, Abner Mayhan, Joseph Wright and George Craft Jr. as their securities entered into and acknowledged a bond in the penalty of sixteen thousand Dollars
Conditioned according to law certificate is granted them for obtaining probate of said will in due form.


William H. Tunstall Ck.  
Smith, George Kendrick (I28304)

"First, my will and desrie is that all my just debts be paid. I then leave unto my daughter, Beheathaland Lawrence, 30 pounds in cash, to my daugher, Lucy Watson, I leave 15 pounds in cash to be paid to them or their legal representatives in 18 months after my decease by my executors hereafter name or if property valued at cash price taken out of my estate would suit better to be valued to them in three months after my death they are to have their election which to choose. I then give my dutiful son, Jabez Smith, all and singular my plantation lands and tenements which I possess or own either by deed or patent of whatsoever description to his and his heirs forever. I give unto him all all of my slaves." George Smith July 29, 1808.

Note: The tidewater area of Virginia including Pittsylvania County was noted for the production of tobacco.

Revolutionary War Public Service Claims Court Booklet p. 21, 59 certificate 1 Commissioner Book V p. 27

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Will of George Smith
Will and Deed Book I, page 325 Pittsylvania County, VA
July 29, 1808

Daughter-Beheatherland Lawrence thirty pounds in cash, daughter Lucy Watson 15 pounds in cash to be paid to them or their legal representatives in eighteen months after my Decease by my Executor. To Dutiful son Jabez Smith all my plantation land and Tenements I possess or own either by Deed or Patent. Also all my slaves: Lymie, Ruben, Stephen, Dick, Easter, Vilotte, Nanie and Judi with their increase. Also my stock of Horses, cattle, hoggs, sheep, household furniture, all debts due me on Books, Bonds and other specialties with all and every other part of my property real or personal.
Dutiful son Jabez Smith and my much Esteamed Friend and Acquaintance James Hopkins Executors.

George Smith
Wit: George K Smith, Joseph Reynolds, James Hopkins, Hartwell Allen
Proven May 15, 1809 with Henry J Calloway, Hartwell Allen and James

Hart Security in bond of $9000

AGE 94 
Family F18626
5005 Will of Jacob Smith - Carter County, Tennessee:

State of Tennessee, Carter County: I, Jacob Smith, of the County and State aforesaid, being of sound mind and body, do make this my last will and testament, in the name of God, Amen:
I will and bequeath to my beloved wife Mary Smith, the land where I now live on and one tract adjoining the same, and all my household furniture of every description and all my stock of every kind, and four Negroes, namely Reuben, Susanah, Minton and James, during her natural life, and then at her decease the said Negroes to be my son, Daniel Smith's, the balance of all to be equally divided between my two sons, Daniel and Ezekial Smith.
I will and bequeath to my oldest son, Daniel Smith, that tract of land where he now lives, and two adjoining tracts also.
I will and bequeath to my son, Ezekial Smith, that tract of land where he now lines on, and two Negroes, Nathaniel and Justice.
I will and bequeath to my daughter Selah George, ten dollars.
I will and bequeath to my step-daughter, Nancy Vaught, fifty dollars at her mother's death to be paid in property.
I will and bequeath to my grand-daughter, Selah Smith, her bed and furniture, mare and cow which she claims.
I also will and bequeath to my beloved wife, Mary Smith, my wagon and all farming tools. In the presence of us, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal of the 7th day of October, in the year of our Lord 1822.
N.B. - I do hereby dominate and appoint my trusty friends, Daniel Smith and Ezekial Smith, executors.
Day and date above written. Jacob Smith

Lawson White.
Thomas Barry.  
Smith, Jacob (I22421)
5006 Will of John Smith "These presence testifie and declare unto all Christian people that I John Smith of Lancaster in the Countie of Midlesex in new England Planter being sicke and weake in body but of good and perfect memorie, doe by this my Last will and testament Comitt and Comend my soule to allmightie god that gave it and my body to the Comon burying place in the aforsaid Lancaster. And as for those Lands and other goods the Lord in his mercy hath intrusted me with, it is my desir that my debts if any bee shall be paid out of them, and the Charg of my sicknes and buriall, And that my sonn John Smith shall have an old blak Cow that hath sum whit upon her Rumpe, And it is my mind and will that my daughter Ann More shall have a Red pied cow, And I give to my sonn Richard Smith two shillings to be paid him if he demand it and two shilling to my daughter Ales, And furthermore I desir and also impower my beloved sonn in Law John More my sole executor to se this my Last will and testament truly and faithfully performed, unto whome I freely give the overpluse of my goods if any be. witness my hand this twelft of the 2: mon: 1665.
..............................................................................John [mark] Smith
witness Jacob Farrer his mark
Daniel Gaines
Ralph Houghton"
-Middlesex County Probate Records Probate Packet 20,654 -from Geneamusings- trascription by Randy Seaver 
Smith, John (I4659)
5007 WILL of Nathaniel Smith -- Washington Co., TN Nov. 8, 1824
In the name of God, Amen, I Nathaniel Smith of Washington Co., and the State of Tennessee, be in sick and weak in body, but in perfect mind and memory, thanks to God calling into my mind the mortality of my body, and knowing that it is appointed unto all men, once to die.
Do make and ordain this my last will and testament, that is today principally, and first of all, I give and recommend my soul into the hand of almighty God, who gave it and my body to be buried at in decent Christian burial at the discretion of my Executors, do nothing doubting that I shall receive the same, again at the great resurrection by the power of mighty God, and as touching such world by estate as it has pleased God to bless me with wisdom in this life I give demise and dispose of the same in the following manner, and form.
First: I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Susannah all my household and kitchen furniture, together with a certain black mare, and all my cattle, hogs, and sheep, together with my poultry and bees.
I also constitute and appoint her, and my son Solomon to be my Executors.
I give and bequeath to my
daughter Ann, one dollar, to be paid by my executors, and to my ( Ann )
daughter Lewcy I bequeath one dollar, and my ( Lucinda, Lucy )
daughter Jewly, one dollar, and to my ( Julia )
son Ezekiel, one dollar, and to my ( Ezekiel )
daughter Charlotte I bequeath one dollar, and to my ( Charlotte )
daughter Betsy, one dollar, and my ( Elizabeth, Betsy )
son Solomon one dollar, also to my ( Solomon )
daughter Jewriah, one dollar, ( Jewriah )
which payments to be raised and paid by my Executors.
And I do hereby utterly disallow and remove and disannul all other wills, legacies, bequests and Executors by me in any way made willed and bequeathed, published, pronounced this my last will and testament in witness so here of I set my hand and seal, this Eighth day of Nov, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Twenty Four

Nathaniel Smith (Seal)

Signed, Sealed, published and pronounced in presents of us, John Blakely (mark)Levi Hartman (mark)
James (mark) Shields 
Family F22250
from Surry County, Virginia Wills & Deeds 1715-30
Book 7, Page 227

In the Name of God Almighty Amen. I Nichl Smith of Southwark Parish being in perfect health sence and memory thanks be to Almighty God for it but considering the frailly and uncertainty of mans life do make appoint and ordain this to be my Last Will and Testament in manner and form as followeth.

First and above all I commend my Soul into the hands of Almighty God that gave it me trusting on the merits of blessed Savior Jesus Christ for a full and free pardon of all my sins commited in this frail life and my body to be decently buried at the discretion of my executor hereafter named and for what worldly estate God hath been pleased of his mercy to bestow upon me after all my just debts paid I give and bestow as followeth.

I give unto my son, Nichl Smith, five schillings and what he owes to me.

I give unto my son, John Smith, fifty acres of land as it is marked out by me upon the head of the Cross Swamp where he first built being more or less to him and his heirs forever.

I give unto my son Lawrence Smith my horse bridle and sadle.

I give unto my son William Smith my plantation and land belonging to it whereon I now live with all houses, orchards, as it now lies to him and his heirs male lawfully begotton of his body and if it shall be that he die and leave no heir male of his body then my will is that my grandson Arthur Smith the son of my son John Smith shall possess my plantation and his heirs forever.

I give unto my daughter Mary my feather bed and bolster and my bed cloathes belonging to it.

I appoint my son William Smith my Executor of this my Last Will and Testament avoaking all others made by me. As Witnesses my hand & seal this 18th day of February 1718/19.

/s/Nichl Smith SEAL

Signed Sealed and Acknowledged to be his Will & Desire in presence of us:
Zacharia Madderra, John Deberry, Pricilia X Madderra

At court held at Southward for the County of Surry November 18, 1719. the above mentioned Will of Nichl Smith deced was presented in court by Wm Smith Extr thereof who made oath thereto and being proved by the oaths of Zacharia Maddera and John Deberry Witnesses thereto the same was ordered to be recorded and is recorded by John Allen, Ct. Cur. 
Family F8997
5009 Will of Richard Smith 24 Feb 1712 prob: 20 May 1713 Surry Co VA
-- to wife, Mary Smith, my whole est. and make her Exerx.
-- to Elizabeth Boon and Richard Sessoms each a cow.
-- to son Richard Smith, the Plantation I live on at my wife's decease
-- to sons Thomas Smith and Nicholas Smith, the land where Thomas Smith now lives.
-- the rest of est to wife, Mary
WIT: Will Davidson, Robert Booth Bk 6 p 144 
Smith, Richard (I23456)
5010 Will of Robert Smith 
Smith, Robert (I21546)
5011 Will of Sarah Leigh 1770
Granville Co NC Will Book 1 p 246
Sarah Leigh of the County of Gloucester, Virginia... will dated May 18, 1770 proved August 1779. $500 given to Petsoe Parish wherein I formerly resided for the eduction of orphans and poor children within ad parish who are not able to pay for their schooling, remainder to be divided between Thos Starks & Wm Starke my brothers Lawrence Smith, Guy Smith, Eliz Lewis and Ann Smith. The four last mentioned are sons & daughters of Constantine Smith & Frankey Smith my sister. To Dr Wm Ridley for prof services 500 a. My exors to make ample satisfaction to Turner Starks for bringing me from So Carolina to this place. Brother Wm starke of King William County whole & sole Exr . Wit Robt Burton, A Barker, Richrd Edwards 
Smith, Reverend Guy (I42755)
5012 Will of Thomas Ballard Smith Louisa Co VA Will Bk 2 pg 309
Wife Anne dtr Ann, Susanna, Sally and Rosanna Son William. To son William Smith my silver hillted sword, my silver spurs, my gun called Old Hollands, the Bullet Gun and etc also to William 2/5 of my estate including plantation whereon I now live, whereas 200 acres of land was given by David Meriwether, gent to all my children in common, if said son should desire this, each of my dts to convey their interest to him. The money my sister Susanna Fox willed me at her death to be laid out by my executors in plate with my Coat of Arms and name engraved thereon, equally divided between my dtr Ann Smith and my niece Caty Fox. To my dtr Susanna and Sally Smith my two great Looking Glasses. To dtr Rosanna all my silver spoons. To my dtrs the other 3/5 not left my son. If I recover 25,000 acres of Granville Co I bequeath to my grandsons Thomas Ballard Wyatt, Francis Wyatt, John Waytt 3000 acres of said 25,000 to be equally divided among the, Exors trusted friends William Duvall, James Meriwether, William Meriwether and George Meriwether. 13 Aug 1776 Wit: Thomas B. Wyatt, George Meriwether, John Moore, Ansalem Clarkson, Richard Phillips, Ann Phillips.
Codicil: sister Susanna Fox 6 Oct 1777. Wit: Wm Phillips, Richard Phillips. Rec 12 Jan1 778.

Louisa Co A Will Bk 3 pg 462
Settlement of estate of Thomas B. Smith
Mrs Anne Smith widow her dower. Miss Caty Smith now wife of Richard Paulett, Susanna Smith wife of Elijah Dickerson, Miss Sarah Smith wife of Robert Kimbrough, Wm Smith guardian for Roxanna Smith wife of Edward Dudley. Due Wm Smith. Received Francis smith Exors. Miss Ann Smith. 14 Nov 1791 Rec. 19 Nov 1791 Wit: Thomas Barret, Charles Barret, John Poindexter.
Smith, Capt. Thomas Ballard (I56716)
5013 Will of William Smith, Barren County, Kentucky, will Book 3, p240:
Know all men by these present that I, William smith, Senior, of the county of Barren and the state of Kentucky believing that my depolution is at hand, appoint this to be my las will and testament. I bequeath to my beloved wife, Margaret Smith, all that I possess during life or widowhood and after her death or marriage the farm on which I live containing two hundred twenty four and three quarter acres by survey with eight acres I bought of Captain Pace. I bequeath to my son George Washington Smith the balance of all my estate. I wish to be divided between my eight living children: Susannah M. Lemon, Frances Ferguson, John C. Smith, David C. Smith, Elizabeth S. Harlan, Nancy Y/T.? Park, Jeremiah M. Smith and George Washington Smith, after paying out to my granchildren who fathers are dead the sum of ten dollars to each as follows viz the children of Josiah C. Smith deceased, William S. Smith, John M. Smith, Rebecca Murphy, George W. Smith, Susannah Smith, Almera Smith, Frances Smith, David C. Smith, and James C. Smith. The children of William s. Smith deceased, Thomas C. Smith, Eliza Smith and Frances Smith. The land which I have given to my children is not included in the estate to be divided. I have given to Josiah 50 acres, to my daughter Frances I gave 230 acres; to my son John I gave 100 acres; to Jeremiah 300 acres; these lots of land I intend to secure by deed, but if I am no permitted to do so I wish it distinctly understood to be my will that they hold the lots of land which I gave them. I appoint my sons David C. Smith and George Washington Smith to be my executors of this my last will and testament. In testimoney whereof I do here unto set my hand and seal this 21st day of Jun 1844, his William X Smith Senior mark in presence of G. W. Taylor, Isaiah Godby page 241. By way of codicil to my 1st will and testament heretofore written and publish I do hereby declare it to be my will and desire that at the death of my wife Margaret Smith or at my death if I should survive her my Negro man slave called Walker nearly forty years old for his long and faithful services be emancipated and set free from all servitude to any and all persons whatsoever.
Signed in the presence of the undersigned witness this the 16day of September 1844 his William X Smith Senior mark.
Test: David C. Smith, George W. Smith
Barren County Court
January term 1845
Smith, William Jr (I32168)
5014 Will of Zebulun Smith ( the weaver ) Liber E page 325
Hempstead Apr. 10,1824

To eldest son Thomas Smith, eldest daughter Almy Edwards & second
daughter Phebe Bedell, $5.00 each to be paid one year after my death.
To third daughter Harriet Smith outright one feather bed & furniture
complete immediately after my death. The use of the balance of my
estate to wife Amy Smith during her widowhood. Executors to dispose of
real estate as is most advantageous, and buy a small farm for the
sustanence of wife Amy, during widowhood and children Harriet and
Stephen Smith. Upon wife?s death or remarriage, estate to go two
thirds to son Stephen and one third to daughter Harriet outright.
Executrix, wife Amy; executor Smith Mott of Westbury, North Hempstead.
Zebulon Smith

Richard Post
Smith Mott
Harry Southard

Sur. John W. Seaman
Proved Aug. 24,1825 
Smith, Zebulon (I20789)
5015 Will proved May 1822 Smith, William (I19674)
5016 Will proved May 8 1693 Smith, Thomas (I38992)
5017 Will Records of Green County, Kentucky 1796-1824
Green County Wills Book 2
Name John Smith
Written 19 Aug 1809 My daughters: Polly Sublett, Susanah Lasley, Silvia Smith, Malinda Smith and Jane Jarrett Smith My sons: William T., John, Jr., Samuel, and Jarret W.
My wife, Sylvia, Liberty Green, and John Y. Taylor, Exe.
Witnesses : Gabriel Chisholm, John T. Winston, H. Buckner, and Robert Bailey Probated: 28 April 1817 
Smith, John (I33618)
5018 Will written 18 Mar 1826; filed in GA:Jones Co. 02 Jul 1827; names wife Nancy; sons, John Jr., Nathan, Willis, Joseph, Asa, Bassel, James, William, Henry; daus Prudy Smith, Nancy Cook, and Sarah Gammon. [Source:Smith Bible, Louisiana Gen. & Hist. Soc., Bible Records, Vol.4.]
Smith, John (I28177)
5019 Will: 14 Dec 1773 prov May 1775 wife Annate
Sons: Cornelius- Andrew-Thomas- Daughters: Catherine - Rebeckah - Turner- Grandsons: Andrew Turner and John Bussell Exor Brother James Smith and son Thomas. Wit: William Moore, David Gage, X Chloe Smith X mentions John Turner and Samuel Freeman - Rowan Co Will Blk A p 204 
Family F23848
5020 will: York Co. 18 Mar 1750 Smith, Edmund (I46047)
5021 Willey’s Book of Nutfield: A History of that Part of New Hampshire Comprised within the Limits of the Old Township of Londonderry, From Its Settlement in 1719 to the Present Time, Family F31822
5022 William & Mary Quarterly, 2nd Series Vol 11, #4, pages 350-352
"The John Smith of Pianketank who died in 1721, deserves a somewhat fuller notice than has been vouchsafed him. In Middlesex O. B. 3, p. 250, Oct. 13, 1698, the statement is made that he had married Martha, widow of Jno. Parsons, and had acquired thru his wife land left her in the will of her father, Wm. Butcher, dated Jan. 27, 1668. This explains the will of John Butcher, son of William, who, in his will dated April 18, 1698, proved Dec. 5, 1698, leaves all his estate "to my loving brother Jno. Smith" (Middlesex Old Wills, Bundle 3). The Ruth Smith who witnessed this will was very likely the daughter of John Smith and Martha Butcher. It seems likely, since later Thos. Smith is found in the Painketank neighborhood , that he married after the death of his first wife, Ann Petty, this Ruth Smith, who was the mother of his son John, b Jan 24, 1704. This John is therefore the "elder grandson, John Smith," mentioned in the will of John Smith of Pianketank. The £ 50 sterling he bequeaths him is most probably the money value of the estate of his first wife, Martha Butcher, which she had inherited from her father, and to which the children of his second wife, Elizabeth Berry, had no claim. If one refers to the will of Capt. Jno. Smith and notices his liberality to the children of his brother James, it would seem he was neglectful of the son and daughters of his brother Thomas, who had been left in his care. When, however, it is remembered that Thomas's daughter Ann had inherited the estates of Maximilian Petty, William Briscoe, and some property from Christian Petty's third husband, John Vivion Sr., it is seen she is well provided for. Thomas's son John also was taken care of by his grandfather, John Smith of Pianketank, hence did not need the bequest that the children of James Smith received.
The children of John Smith of Pianketank seem to have been (1) Ruth married Thomas Smith, d. before May 1705 leaving son John, b. Jan. 24, 1704; (2) John Jr., who married Frances and predeceased his father, dying Nov. 15, 1717 (his son John was born a month later, Dec. 16, 1717); (3) Jane, who married May 1, 1705, Robert Price, and (4)Thomas, who married Ann and d. Mar 11, 1723."
(The Thomas Smith who married Ruth Smith was the son of John Smith (d 1669) and his wife Margaret. He married 1st Anne Petty and by her had a daughter Anne )
Smith, John (I108837)
5023 William and Margaret who was an Indian Maiden in NC moved to Russell KY in 1850. They came to KY and settled near Goose Creek in Adair Co, the part that became Russell Co in 1826. William established Friendship Baptist Church in Russell Co. From History of Russell Co Families--Historical Society page 311

William formed a congregation which met at Walnut Grove Schoolhouse in Adair County Ke in 1818. he had moved to the are with his wife and mother in about 1810. The county split and became Russell in 1825. By Horace Grayford Jennings

In 1850 Russell Co KY census William Smith age 66 and wife Margaret Wise Smith age 62 lived with their son Henry Smith age 32 and his wife Polly age 28 and six children.

1806 --NC
1830 Russell KY with Ambrose living next door

1850 Russell Co KY census
William age 66
Margaret 62
Henry 32----son
Polly 28----wife of son Henry
Sarah E. 9 and their children
Betsy L. 8
Ambrose 7
Wm W. 4
R.A. 4
Jones 2

1850 Clay Co KY
William Smith age 66 b. 1784 this is not the Wm m. Margaret Wise and living at the same time.
Kezziah age 53
Issue: Sally 29
Alabama age 9 d/o Sally

William was a minister of the gospel of Baptist denomination. He formed a congregation which met at Walnut Grove Schoolhouse in Adair County KY in 1818. He had moved to the area with his wife and mother in 1810. The county split and became Russell in 1825. He moved from VA to NC from NC to KY 
Family F18429
5024 William and Mary Quarterly Vol 2 #1  Family F14130
5025 William and Mary Quarterly Vol 9 p 43 has date of his death in Abingdon Parish as aboug 1719/1720 Smith, John (I42761)
5026 William and Mary says Dorothy "Peyton", Tyler says "Buckner".  Peyton, Dorothy (I46037)
5027 William Berry Smith born l792 in Buncombe Co, NC married Mary Ann Ashmore, daughter of Hannah Nations and William Ashmore. Mary Ann was born in SC and they probably married in Ms or Al. in th el820?s They came to Texas in the l830?s . William Berry Smith was a well known Indian Fighter and was involved in the Runaway Scrape and Surveyor?s Fight. He was granted over 5,000 acres in Bosque Co, Tx and is buried on his land there. He had a sister, Sarah ?Sally? who married Mr. Crawford, and a brother James and one more brother who apparently stayed in Al. Mary Ann Ashmore Smtih died in the l840?s probably in Washington Co, Tx.  Smith, William Berry (I27838)
5028 William Byrn Smith went by the name Byrn in Richmond County NC records. I've been told that's the Scots spelling Smith, William Bryn (I21078)
5029 William Charles Smith, from England, changed his surname to Clifton sometime before immigrating to the US 18 March 1908. His son, William John Smith (1899-1970) told his wife Winifred that when his dad, William Charles, visited Canada in about 1905, he saw a big hotel called 'The Clifton'. He decided at that moment to change his name. It is not known why the Smith/Clifton family immigrated to Michigan. It is documented that members from both the paternal and maternal side resided in the same city during the early 1900s.  Family F28916
5030 William GIBBONS died in Hawkins County, TN about the year 1819.
His wife was the daughter of Major John SMITH of Roane Co. He left
besides his widow, Agnes, all minor children: Elizabeth, Polly,
Malinda, Catharine and Christiana. John SMITH went to Hawkins
County in July 1819 and brought his daughter and family to Roane
Co. and furnished them a house and a living from his farm until the
girls married. Elizabeth married William A. THOMPSON, Polly
married John SMITH, Jr., Malinda married Absolom S. THOMPSON,
Catharine married Larkin BOWLING and Christiana married Samuel
PARHAM. John SMITH, Sr. died in August 1840, intestate and John
NETHERY was his administrator. pp. 101-109. 
Gibbons, William (I73006)
5031 William H?  Smith, William B (I58347)
5032 William Henry (1725-1805) was at the battle of Huck's defeat 1780 in York Co SC, which was near his homestead Henry, William (I89605)
5033 William Learned, arrived in Massachusetts from London, c. 1630 Learned, William (I17122)
5034 William LeRoy Smith, b. 27 Dec. 1908, at Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. William married Kathleen Alberta Banting (b13 Jan. 1912 in Saltcoats, Saskatchewan, Canada, d. 1992 in Flin Flon, Manitoba). Both families homesteaded in the Swan River Valley. The couple moved to Flin Flon, Manitoba. William died on 14 June 1948, in Flin Flon, Manitoba, Canada. He survived WWII, but died while having a nap, of either an aneurysm or heart attack. They are both buried in the Smith family plot in Flin Flon, Manitoba. These are my grandparents. William's siblings are:----------------- Nellie Elizabeth Smith, b 21 Jan. 1904 at Brandon, Manitoba. She married Samuel Glassman, Nellie died 17 Mar. 1985 at Los Angeles, CA, USA. No children. Chas Edwin Smith, b 23 July 1906 at Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. He married Elsie May Tall. Chas died on 16 Nov. 1968 at Swan River, Manitoba, Canada. They had four children: Sheryl Anne Smith, Linda Coleen Smith, Dawn Laurel Smith, Mary Elizabeth Elsie Smith. Russell Gordon Smith, b 20 July 1911 at Brandon, Manitoba. He married Cecelia Nielson, and died 21 Dec. 1975 at Flin Flon, Manitoba. They had two children: Robert Arnold Smith, Lorraine Smith. Harold Nelson Smith, b 21 Feb. 1914 at Minitonas, Manitoba, Canada. He married Thelma Violet Wilson (b 30 Mar 1921, UK). Harold died on 6 April 1968 in the UK. He immigrated to the UK after WWII. They had two children: Bonnie Beryl Smith, Juanita Smith. Florence May Smith, b 6 Dec 1916 at Swan River, Manitoba. She married David Highmoor and they farmed in the Swan River Valley. Florence died on 27 Nov 2010 at Swan River, Manitoba. They had three children: Dennis Wayne Highmoor, Ron David Highmoor, Terrence Gordon Highmoor. Vera Helen Smith, b 21 July 1919, Manitoba, Canada. She married Edward Frances Mills (b 1915, d 2001). Vera died 17 Nov 1991 at Summerland, British Columbia, Canada. They had two children: Frances Elaine Mills, Betty Lynn Mills. Irene Louise Smith, b 13 Mar 1924 at Swan River Valley, Manitoba, Canada. She married Henry Bartel (b 11 June 1927). Irene died on 23 Jan 2006 at Penticton, British Columbia, Canada. They had two children: Greg Bartel, Christie Bartel. Lawrence Raymond Smith, b 16 Mar 1927 at Birch River, Manitoba, Canada. He married Charlotte Emily Hope, (b 16 Oct 1930, d 28 May 2011). Lawrence (Ray) died on 28 May 2011 at Brandon, Manitoba. They had three children: Cheri Hope Smith, William Dean Smith, Neale Smith. Smith, William Leroy (I81584)
5035 William Louis Smith - Born 17 August 1889 in Lorain Co. OH. Died March 26, 1930 in Tupelo, Lee County, Mississippi. Birthdate and full name from World War 1 draft registration. 1920 census, Washington Co. MS in Greenville, father born "Germany". Mother born "England". Spoke German. Born Ohio. Smith, William Louis (I27359)
Harry M. Cleveland, 2064 Montreat Drive, Memphis, TN 38134
The bill of complaint of Jacob BURRUS and Susannah, his wife; Daniel ~10CK and
Polly, his wife; Brice MARTIN; William Martin; Joseph CLEVELAND, administrator of
Martha Cleveland, deceased of Smith County; Archelous HUGHES and Nancy, his wife of
Henry Co TN and Joseph G. WALLER, administrator of Elizabeth Waller of Virginia.
Humbly praying beg leave to show to your honor that on the 20th of May 1813, William
LUCAS of Orange County Virginia made his last will and testament and sometime shortly
thereafter, perhaps in that same year, he departed this life and the said will was
duly proven and recorded with a codicil thereto dated the 9th of August of the same
year and letters testamentary granted to Robert CAVE and John Lucas, the executors
named therein.
The testator died seized and possessed of a very considerable estate both real and
personal and left a large family of children and grandchildren. It will be seen by
reference to the will ..•that it was the habit of the testator when his children
married or left him to lend them a portion or portions of his property holding the
right in himself and which he afterwards disposed of at his own will or pleasure.
His daughter Sarah Lucas intermarried with Joseph Martin and complaintants Susannah,
Polly, Brice, William, Martha, Nancy and Elizabeth are the issue of that marriage
and were all living at the testators death except Elizabeth. In the will William
Lucas states that he lends Rachel Martin 3 negroes during her life and after her decease
negroes go to Sarah's children and also lends to Rachel and her husband Brice
one half of a 400 acre tract of land during their lives. Rachel had intermarried at
an advanced age being upwards of 40 years old against the will and consent of her
father. They went to live at a considerable distance from the old man, say about 200
miles, his opposition was not such as to prevent her visiting him, which she and her
husband occasionally did, but he did not do anything for them until about 7 years
after their marriage. She is now a very old woman perhaps between 75 and 80 years
old, living in Henry Co VA, never having had any issue. Joseph and Sarah Martin
lived in the same county. During this time the slaves have had several children, of
which some are in Rachel's possession and one in possession of Nancy Martin, now
living in Overton Co TN. Brice, a widower when he married the said Rachel, had 2
children, Joseph and William, by a former marriage. William married Nancy and after
moving to TN died. Slaves are now in possession of Thomas SMITH who married a
daughter of William Martin. (William Martin, who died intestate 1817/18, left the
following heirs: wife Nancy, Brice, John, Thomas, Joseph and Unity who married
Thomas Smith.)
Your complaintants are advised and believe that they are in great danger of losing
the bounty and bequest of their grandfather under this management of the life estate
and setting up of interests wholly inconsistent with and in opposition to their remainder.
To the end therefore that the said Nancy Martin of Overton Co TN and
Thomas Smith of Co TN together with Rachel Martin of Henry Co VA be made defendants
to this bill and severally answer the same, particularly let them set forth
and discover the names, ages, descriptions and value of the said negroes and to enjoin
them from selling them•••
Another bill of complaint in the nature of a bill of review was filed 10 Nov 1829.
Depositions were taken from Brice Edwards, Susan C. Waller and James Edwards in July
term 1829. Rachel Martin died in Virginia 1828 since the filing of the original
bill of complaint.
Ansearchin 1989-2 
Smith, Thomas (I70027)
5037 William M Smith?s death certificate reads:
B: 20 Nov 1860 (age 64 y 6 mo 14 days) D: 4 June 1925 in Dumont, TX
Birth Place: Monroe Co, TN
Occupation: Farmer
Name of Father: William Smith
Birthplace of Father: TN
Maiden name of Mother: Elizabeth Hudgings
Birthplace of Mother: TN

I found further confirmation in a book: A History of California and an Extended History of Southern Coastal Counties also Containing Biographies of Well Known Citizens of the Past and Present, Volume 2 - by JM Guinn, secretary and late president of the Historical Society of Southern California and Member of the American Historical Association of Washington, DC.

The book states, ??Of southern birth and lineage he [William M Smith] was born in Monroe County, TN, Nov 20, 1860, a son of William and Elizabeth Hudgings Smith, both natives of the same state, where the father engaged as a farmer until his death, which occurred shortly before this son was born [1860]. His mother, whose grandfather Hudgings server in the Revolutionary war, lived in Tennessee until her death, which occurred at the age of 55. She was the mother of two children?.?

I believe the next 2 paragraphs are the family of William and Elizabeth even thought the spelling of the Elizabeth?s surname is different, but am still researching for confirmation this is true.

Further digging has yielded a marriage record provided to me by the Tennessee State Library shows a marriage license #224 was issued to William P Smith and Eliza J Huggins in McMinn County, TN (one county over from Monroe). They were married on 27 Dec. 1857. They also provided a US Federal mortality schedule for 1860 in McMinn County, TN which indicates that William P Smith (born approx 1837), a farmer, died in April 1860 at the age of 23, killed by B. Jack. I have recently submitted a request for the Circuit Court transcript for this killing.

Further research (census records) indicate that Elizabeth Smith moved to Monroe County where her parents lived and gave birth to her son, William. If I have found the correct family, Elizabeth?s parents were Hicks and Mary Hugins. According to the 1880 census record, William Smith, age 19, resided with his grandparents, Hicks and Marthy Hugins in Monroe County, TN.

In summary: I believe the parents of William M Smith to be:
William P Smith who resided in McMinn County, TN. Born approx 1837 in TN and killed in April 1860 in McMinn County, TN.
Elizabeth/Eliza Hudgings/Huggins 27 Dec 1857 in McMinn County, TN. Resided in Monroe County, TN in Nov 1860 (where she gave birth to William M Smith).
William Smith age 19, lived with his grandparents, Hicks and Marthy Hugins in 1880, in Monroe County, TN.

In addition to this, I found the 1850 US Census - William Smith age 13 (born 1837) living in McMinn County, TN, with his mother, Elizabeth (born in S.C.), and 7 siblings. Neighbors are listed on the same census by the surname of JACK; a coincidence that William was killed 10 years later by a B. Jack in McMinn County?
Smith, William M (I21413)
5038 WILLIAM MALON SMITH was born March 21, 1885 in Campbell Co, TN, and died August 02, 1966 in Campbell Co, TN. He married LOUELLA SPARKS356 1907 in Campbell Co, TN, daughter of JOHN SPARKS and SARAH SEXTON. She was born April 03, 1890 in Westborne, Campbell Co, TN, and died April 18, 1971 in LaFollette, Campbell Co, TN.

MILLARD FILMORE SMITH, b. June 19, 1921, Campbell Co, TN; d. July 04, 2008, At the Homestead, Campbell Co, TN. 
Smith, William Malon (I24076)
5039 William Martson's will mentions daughter Rebecka
*I give and bequeath unto my Wellbeloved Daughter Rebecka smith now the wife of John smith twelve pound in pay but if my son pay in mony then it is to be her Eight pound to be payd by my Executour as hereafter Mentioned.  
Marston, William (I86424)
5040 William Perry Holt was my 2nd great grandfather. His daughter Carrie Belle Holt Jones was my great grandmother and my grandmother ,her daughter in law wrote in a family bible that she gave me in 1972 that William Perry Holt was born 8-25-1853 in Harris co Georgia and died 11-26-1922 in Columbus Georgia.

Jennifer Jones Page 
Holt, William Perry (I37843)
5041 William Pitt Smith
Smith, William (I30786)

It is unknown where William Smith was born or who his parents were. Was he born in America, or did he come from England? From Judy?s research, his wife?s name started with ?Fnu??. He died between 1760 and 1761 in Essex County, Virginia. Their children were: Augustin, Robert, Thomas, Elizabeth and Mary. On April 21, 1760 William Smith Sr. of Parish of Southfarnman in the County of Essex, Virginia was paid 22 pounds by Augustin for plantation and parcel of land whereon William Smith now lives. This land formally belonged to Charles Burnett. The land was to go to Augustin upon the death of William Smith. Signed by Wm. Smith. One of the witnesses was William Burnett. On May 20, 1765, William Burnet motion and ordered Thomas Roane and John Upshaw to settle the administrative account of William Smith, Deceased.

In my research, I have found that there are many William Smith?s listed in many documents. Under Family Search?s master index there are over 100 William Smith?s listed from 1680 to 1736. In all probability, the William Smith above is the correct one because of the will listing Augustin as one of his sons. In addition there are also many Augustin and Augustine Smith?s listed between the late 1600?s and the 1700?s.



Essex County, Virginia, Will Boox 11, Page 293

William Smith's will is recorded in Essex County, Va. Will Book 11, p. 293. The text is as follows:

In the Name of God Amen. I William Smith of the Parish of Southfarnham in the County of Essex, planter, being very sick and weak in body but of perfect mind and memory thanks be to God therefore call in unto mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die do make and ordain this my last will and testament that is to say principally and first of all I give and Recommend my Soul unto the hand of od that gave it and for my Body I recommend it to the Earth to be Buried in a Christian like and Decent manner at the Discretion of my executors nothing doubting but at the general Resurrection I shall the same again by the mighty Power of God and as touching such Worldly Estates wherewith it hath please God to give one in this life I give Devise and Dispose of the same in manner of form following.
IMPREMIS ITERN. I give Mary Woodin Alis Smith one cow called Beauty and her heighfer and one feather bed and furniture. All the rest of my Estate to be Equally Divided among my six children, William Smith, Robert Smith, Thomas Smith, Augustine Smith, Elizabeth Burnett, Mary Woodin Alis Smith and Lastly I make constitute and ordain my Loving Son Robert Smith and William Burnett to be my sole Executors of this my Last Will and Testament hereby Revoking and Disannuling all former Wills and Testaments made by me. In witness thereof I have set my hand and seal this 14th Day of December One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty.

Signed, Seal'd & Delivered William Smith
Jas. Burnett
Leonaid Burnett
Augustine Smith (There was an X with the words "His Mark"
In court held for Essex County at ----- this 19th day of January 1761 this last Will and Testament of William Smith, Deced. was this day presented in court by the Executors therein named who made Oath thereto according to Law and was proved by the oaths of the Witnesses thereto and order to be recorded and is recorded.

John Lee
Smith, William (I30749)
5043 William Smith b.circa 1800, Harbury, Warwickshire, England, married Catherine CROSS, 17 Apr 1828 at Harbury. William's occupation was "Woodsman Smith, William (I44695)
5044 William Smith came to Houston Co GA in 1820 from Virginia-Tom Dean Family F23838
5045 William Smith of Bucks Co PA m 1st 20 Sep 1690 Mary Crossdale in the home of John Chapman in the Middleton Meeting. Quaker Records of PA give a full account of the wedding including guest list. Wrightstown Quaker MN Bucks Co PA  Family F852
5046 William Smith rites held at Bluff Springs

William Smith died July third at the St. Dominic Hospital. Services were conducted July fifth from the Bluff Springs Methodist Church with Rev. Beasley and Rev. R. L. Long of Corinth officiating.

Burial was in the church cemetery under the direction of Lee Funeral Home.

Mr. Smith was born in Carroll County, November 23, 1876 and was married in 1913 to the former Miss Mattie Flowers who survives. He was a member of the Bluff Springs Methodist Church.

Surviving are his wife; eight daughters, Mrs. B. F. Fisher, Winona, Mrs. J. R. Sanders, Greenwood, Mrs. Claude Clark, Mrs. J. G. Pollard and Mrs. R. B. Fogg of Jackson, Mrs. C. A. Nail of Dallas, Texas, Mrs. G. S. DeFoore, Waco, Tex as, Mrs. Carter Lake of Clinton; five sons, W. H. Smith, Vicksburg, T. W. Smith, Belzoni, J. L. Smith, Leland, Lloyd Smith, Jackson and B. W. Smith of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; one sister, Miss Addie Lou Smith, Hattiesburg; one brother, Lee Smith of Money.

Pallbearers were Howard Fisher, Walter F. Fisher, George Fisher, Walter Smith, Buddy Chain, James R. Sanders, Charles Brewer and Jimmy Smith.

The Winona Times
Winona, MS
July 11, 1963 
Family F24449
5047 William Smith [ some say he was the one born 1732 but evidence puts him born ca 1745 in Orange Co. VA.
He married ca 1768 to Elizabeth "Betty" James probably in Culpeper Co. VA. They came to Surry Co. NC ca 1786/
He died 1818 and his Inventory was 1822 when Betty died.= MaryAnne S Pippin 
Smith, William (I25109)
5048 William Smith, a Russian Jew, aka Vasili Seibert was born in Russia, went to Russian Alaska as a bookkeeper for a trading company. When the US bought Alaska (Seward's Icebox), he gained citizenship by remaining the prescribed time.

He divorced his wife there (Kodiak, AK) and sailed to San Francisco with son Julian. He married Rachel Reuben, a Jewish native of San Francisco. He took a job as a bookkeeper for Brown Brother's Men's Clothing. Wm & Rachel had four kids including my grandfather, Walter Smith. He bought title to a gold claim in Tehachapi, CA in 1895. Rachel died in 1899 and he took off for the mines. The last record found of him was a modification to his claim, removing his son-in-law from it who failed to work the prescribed time. Hey, it was the high desert! He is not in the 1920 census and there is no death record or grave site for him. Likely died at the mine.

Lotsa fun but I don't know where he came from or where and when he died. His claim is now within the Tehachapi wind farm. No local records or info found 
Family F9522
5049 William Starke Smith, the second son of L.A. Smith and his first wife Paulina Pool, was born at Curdsville on July 18, 1869. As a young man he moved to Richmond and got a job as a streetcar operator. On November 21, 1894, he married Grace M. Burton, a neighbor in Ca Ira. As it turned out, they had only one child. William -- I don't believe he was ever called Bill -- continued to work for the streetcar company his entire career, and he and Grace continued to live in the same house with their daughter even after her marriage. He broke with his family's Episcopal tradition, joining first his wife's Baptist church and then his son-in-law's Methodist church. He died in Richmond on July 20, 1945, two days after his 76th birthday and just a few weeks after I was born. 
Smith, William Starke (I80188)
5050 William Starmer Smith, b. 30 Jan 1854, Northampton, Northamptonshire, England, d. 5 Dec 1901, Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. Married Sarah Ann JOHNSON, circa 1877. Emigrated to Canada, circa 1882. William's occupations were: Contractor, Painter, Paperhanger, Estate Agent. Family F16165

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