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    April 2018    
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Edward ALLEY   Marcia Burleigh   Samuel Smith   Fanny Smith   William Fleming   Peter Smith   Kenneth S L Smith   Joseph Tichenor   Joan Bushell   Elizabeth   Obed Green   Charles Kendall   William Kendall   Anna Pritchard   Mary Ross   Nicholas Smith   Ann Stark   Isaac Washburn   John McGuire   Ruby Bishop Smith   Peter Smith   Margaret Wright   Abel Smith   Samuel Smith   Louis Edward Jones   Simeon Smith   Samuel A Smith   Audie Clifton Smith   Alfred Ralph Smith   Albert Smith   Granville Smith   Sarah Smith   Samuel Church Smith   John Smith   Louis Pierson   Mariah Hepzibah Smith   Edwin Harvie Smith   John Harvey Smith   David Smith   Mary Smith   Abraham Smith   Adam Smith   Samuel Smith   John Smith   Rufus Fay Smith   Walter Smith   Enoch Smith   David Smith   Mary A Smith   Martin Hancock Smith   John Smith   Abigail Bailey   Zachariah Bunch   Jemima Smith   Matthew Smith   Caleb Woodbury   Helen Gray Johnston   Janie Marie Armstrong   Richard Smith   Emily Smith   Robert Thomas Kirby   Robert Thomas Kirby   Jonathan Smith   Anna Smith   George William Smith   Mattie M Moore-Dancer   Sara Simms   Isaac Smith   James Weathers Smith   Richard Smith   Newton Isiah Smith   Job Smith   Albert G. Smith   Mary A Stewart   Edith Church   Mattie Marie Miller   Bertha Munro   John Bernard Rollins   Isaac Newton Smith   Buell Nye   James Kilpatrick   John Caspar Schmidt   Mary Elizabeth Dunning   Martha Jane Smith   Mary Jane Wyatt   Stephen J Smith   Austin Barton Ellsworth Peters   William Smith   Mary Eliza Smith   Andrew Ernest Alexander Smith   Oscar Templeton Smith   Mary Winsor   Thomas Smith   William Ellenburg   Thomas Collins   Sarah Kennedy   Peter Smith   Lula M. Smith   Edna Eunice Beall   Deborah Smith   Elvira Richards   Clayton W Pike   James Smith   Robert Smith   Samuel Smith   Carl Joseph Smith   Fanny Smith   Aaron Fairfax Smith   William Green Smith   Edna Maude Wilson   Jacob Moats, Senior   Hannah Lowther   Johann Michael Boyer   Francis B Ross   Samuel Barkoff   Sarah Augusta Foss   Edna Frances Graham   Glen Wade Smith, Jr   Mary Coleman Smith   Emma Sutton Hawksworth   Edward C Smith   Ilse Margarethe Danmeyer   William Smith   James Cochran   Hannah G Beal   Charles H Smith   Miranda Smith   Aaron Smith   Sarah Jane Smith   Eliza A.   Walter Francis Smith   Franz Peter Loewen   Marion Dixon Smith   William James Smythe   Genie Smythe   John F Smith   Job Smith   John Obadiah Smith, Jr   Lydia Caroline Dunagan   Elizabeth Leola Whitten   John Smith   John Smith   Wright Johnson   Josephine Roden   Maria Smith   Katherine Cook   Joseph Chester Pittman   Elias Smith   Thomas Smith   Charles Bennett Smith   Bird Wade   John Quincey Smith   Nathan Smith   Dorothy Smith   James Smith   Jock Smith   Benjamin Smith   William Smith   Cornelius Smith   Ephraim M Smith   Charles Maxwell DeWeese   Richard B Soetn   Emma   Thomas Bandy   Walter D Smith   Ida S Smith   Avis E Smith   Esther Hollingsworth   Ann Stager   John Smith   Sarah Smith   Lewis W Smith   Fancy Smith   Vienna Adelaide Smith   James William Smith   Mary Etta Smith   Mary Etta Smith   Mary Etta Smith   St John Smith   Jane G Smith   Mary Katherine Smith   William Lonnie Higgs   Surilda C Smith   Elijah Edward Smith   Theodore Smith   John Smith   Julia A Smith   Sarah Smith   Richard Hendrixson   Rebecca J Smith   William Christian Smith   Sarah Emma Tanner   Anthony Schwing   Stanley Alton West   James Lafayette Smith   August Schmidt   John H Coulter   Myrtle Lee Mathis   Frederick James Smith   Charley Green Lavender   Annie Katherine Schmidt   Joseph Meshack Smith   Andrew A Smith   John E Smith   Thomas B Smith   Marie Schmidt   Hubert C Smith   George Oliver Smith   Permelia A Moore   Mary E Miniss   Willie M Smith   Holmes Wass Smith   Carrie A Nostrand   John Michael Smith   Missouri A Case   Elizabeth Reichert   James Polk Smith   James Emerson Fronie Thomas Je...   John Westphal   Alpheus M Smith   Fred R Smith   Martha Smith   James Wilson Ellison, Sr.   Elizabeth Johns   Loyal F Smith   Selena Galloway   Mora Hazel Smith   Perry J. Smith   Henry S Smith   Robert H Smith   Mollie Smith   Earl O Smith   Jesse R Smith   Henry Reuben Smith   Wilfred Olen Smith   Milton Bressler Smith / Eula W...   Francis Whiting Smith / Abby J...   Randle Smith / Jane Philhean   Milton Bressler Smith / Eula W...   Edward Rowley Murphy / Grace S...   Samuel H. Hardwick / Lucinda B...   Moses Akin Morris / Martha A S...   William Smith / Delora Smith   William Abraham Granger / Mary...   Vincent Oral Smith / Bettie Pf...