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Smiths and Spurlocks in Knox Co, KY

Posted by ISortaStudyHistory in Smith/Schmidt Queries and Most Wanteds Forum May 4, 2019 Views:(1016Replies (0)
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Henry Smith can be found living next to a William "Spirlock" (Spurlock) in the 1810 Knox Co, KY census. Descendants of Isaac Smith and Nancy Hendricks who were wed in 1809 in Woodford Co, KY have a strong autosomal connection to the descendants of John Madison Spurlock, son of William Spurlock and his wife Elizabeth Smith.

In Henry Smith's pension records, it is mentioned that he hired a Col. Elisha Smith to administer his pension application. I believe this Col. Elisha Smith was the son of KY militia General William Smith, an early sheriff of Rockcastle Co, KY and a state politician during the 1820's and 1830's (as was Col. Elisha Smith).

This inference is based upon the fact that in the 1810 Rockcastle Co, KY census, Isaac Smith can be found listed among the Singleton relatives of Gen. William Smith. William Smith's first wife was Elizabeth Singleton, daughter of Col. Richard Singleton of King's Mountain fame. Richard was also from Brunswick Co, VA. William and Elizabeth were married in Lincoln Co, KY c. 1798.

I believe that Henry Smith's line of Brunswick Co, VA would match the yDNA of Isaac Smith of 1810 Rockcastle Co, KY who later went on to settle in Lawrence Co, IN in 1830 and later still Salt Creek Township in Jackson County, Indiana in 1840's.

This yDNA group is R-M269-9.


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