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 Christopher Smith of VA Tangled Lines-Come Help Straighten This Out

Going to be spending the next two weeks sorting out the Christopher Smith -England to VA lines using sources and the Smith Wills Deed book by Linda Cheek (who is herself a Smith DNA member). We welcome all who either have this as their line or would like to look at the lines and fix any errors, including annotating disrepancies, to join in. First, here's the main line which may change from as we remove some children and put in others.

The line we are using as a baseline for Christopher Smith is the line that has a Snelson connection. As you note, this includes Charles Smith m Dorothea Lewis, son of Christopher Smith m Catherine Snelson of Hanover Co VA

We believe this particular line is well documented and represents a good baseline for both paper and YDNA purposes. The first descent lines we are going to particularly look at are the children of Christopher Smith m Catherine Snelson. 

Issue 1: Smith Wills Deeds on p 449 believes that the Christopher Smith that is son of Smith/Snelson died in 1739. Therefore, detaching Christopher B Smith to come back to at another time. 


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Posted: July 1, 2014
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Christopher Smith

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I am also searching the Smith line my Y- DNA is R-M269.  I believe that I escend from this line. I am interested in any info available and how do I get a copy of Linda Cheek's research. Thanks
Posted: July 29, 2018