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I'm new to this site and not to familiar with how it works. The information that I have gathered leads me to believe that I am related to Henry Smith through his son Martin. Any info on what I sh....read more..... RichardDS February 15, 2020 1

I'm assuming you're talking about the matched grouping you're in, yes?  Read below and if I'm a....read more..... smithsworldwideNumber ONE on my YDNA test February 9, 2020 1

Looking for any and all descendants of Lambert Smith/Smidt to join the project 

smithsworldwideSmith DNA Group GRP-R-M269-177 February 4, 2020 1

So glad you posted this! 

smithsworldwideJacob Smith's Will January 31, 2020 1

Next door to Joseph Smith and his wife Margaret is Peter Smith who married Elizabeth Johnson. Seems reas....read more..... smithsworldwideSmith DNA Group GRP-E-M2-7 January 24, 2020 1


My ancestor, Abraham Smith 1728 of Amherst, VA, then John Smith, John Smith, Littleberry Smith, Littleberry Smith II (from MS) is my line.  We have a group page on Groups.io now t....read more.....
lroachSmith DNA Group I-M253-1 January 18, 2020 1

Possibly a connection with Christopher "Christian" Smith b c 1740 Sharpsburg, Washington Co MD.  based on migration....read more..... smithsworldwideSmith DNA Group GRP-E-M2-8 January 6, 2020 1

Added your basic tree to the site and tied your registration to it. Have a lovely day 

smithsworldwidenewbie seeking assistance - Rudolph Schmidt December 30, 2019 2

Hi, Pam

Glad you're here. Hope you are having a great holiday. 

Come join the Smith Official DNA Project on FamilyTreeDNA., smithsworldwide
newbie seeking assistance - Rudolph Schmidt December 29, 2019 2

Hi, Sharon

Here are the Mumford Smiths that are listed  -If you're a descend....read more.....
smithsworldwideMumford/Munford/Montfurt/Mumphard and The Smiths December 29, 2019 1