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YDNA, mtDNA, Family Finder/Autosomal questions and discussion. (Questions about interpreting results, which test to get, the science side) If you have done DNA and want to discuss a person/family, please put in the Queries section

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What is an autosomal grouping?
 by smithsworldwide
30 0
Which SNP(s) should I order? (Smith DNA Project)
 by smithsworldwide
120 0
I would like my YDNA markers added to the SMith DNA Project but did not test with FTDNA
 by smithsworldwide
175 1
How Do I Compare my Family Finder/Autosomal Results on the Smith DNA Project?
 by smithsworldwide
175 0
Autosomal Chromosome Mapping Explanation
 by smithsworldwide
178 1
Smith DNA Project (Surname) and Autosomal Data
 by smithsworldwide
487 0
Uploading your gedcom file to FamilyTreeDNA
 by smithsworldwide
173 0
FAQ DNA from FamilyTreeDNA
 by smithsworldwide
178 0
Beginners Guide to Genetic Genealogy
 by smithsworldwide
123 0
Had YDNA tested at FamilyTreeDNA but not part of the Smith Official DNA Project?
 by smithsworldwide
335 0
Does both a brother and sister have mom’s mtDNA?
 by smithsworldwide
241 0
I would like to be the group contact for my Matched Grouping
 by smithsworldwide
163 0
I’m in a grouping- Can I tell a match from comparing TNG trees?
 by smithsworldwide
160 0
How Do I Compare YDNA Markers on the Smith DNA Project?
 by smithsworldwide
169 0
Group Contact Editing for Smith DNA Project
 by smithsworldwide
167 0
Editing your profile or kit info on the Smith DNA site
 by smithsworldwide
172 0
My YDNA results came in but I don’t see them on the Smith DNA project yet
 by smithsworldwide
165 0
How to find your DNA kit on the Smith DNA Project Site
 by smithsworldwide
184 0
Getting Started on Smith DNA Project- DNA Frequently Asked Questions
 by smithsworldwide
164 0
Improved phylogenetic resolution and rapid diversification of Y-chromosome haplogroup K-M526 in Southeast Asia
 by smithsworldwide
125 0