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Lines where 2 conflicting DNA groups that do not match claim a common ancestor. Please weigh in to help sort these out

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3 William Smiths all in KY different locations
 by smithsworldwide
33 0
2 Abner Smiths in NC- Ashe Co NC and Wake Co NC
 by smithsworldwide
19 0
Samuel Smiths of CT (One Nehemiah Smith, the other?)
 by smithsworldwide
  181 0
Sorting out Two Guy Smiths- Different Haplogroups
 by smithsworldwide
916 0
Looking for a known male Smith descendant of Edward Smith b 1745 VA m Tabitha Jones
 by smithsworldwide
323 0
Christopher Smith of VA Tangled Lines-Come Help Straighten This Out
 by smithsworldwide
  827 0
On Resolving Conflicts Between Expected Results and YDNA mismatches
 by smithsworldwide
902 1
Thursday Source Challenge- The Descendants of Thomas smith b 1612 England m Margaret Turner
 by smithsworldwide
364 0