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Brunswick Co,VA,USA

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Latitude: 36.7570589, Longitude: -77.8367282


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Chamberlayne, Elizabeth  c 1717Brunswick Co,VA,USA I24887
2 Collier, Isaac II  6 Jun 1769Brunswick Co,VA,USA I16828
3 Lanier, James  Brunswick Co,VA,USA I97378
4 Smith, Benjamin  1745Brunswick Co,VA,USA I40572
5 Smith, Clara Anna Arabella  4 Oct 1852Brunswick Co,VA,USA I103992
6 Smith, Clement  c 1775Brunswick Co,VA,USA I27214
7 Smith, Cuthbert  1780Brunswick Co,VA,USA I16580
8 Smith, Edward  1792Brunswick Co,VA,USA I18666
9 Smith, Gabriel  c 1785Brunswick Co,VA,USA I16581
10 Smith, Hannah  6 Oct 1763Brunswick Co,VA,USA I16692
11 Smith, Harvey Massenburg  2 Feb 1836Brunswick Co,VA,USA I90512
12 Smith, Henry  1754Brunswick Co,VA,USA I24856
13 Smith, Henry  1759Brunswick Co,VA,USA I50095
14 Smith, Herbert  1763Brunswick Co,VA,USA I24862
15 Smith, Isham  1756Brunswick Co,VA,USA I24857
16 Smith, John Ira  13 Nov 1823Brunswick Co,VA,USA I103979
17 Smith, Judah  c 1766Brunswick Co,VA,USA I24766
18 Smith, Nancy Anna  25 Feb 1755Brunswick Co,VA,USA I24897
19 Smith, Nathaniel  5 May 1762Brunswick Co,VA,USA I24858
20 Smith, Olive H  1795Brunswick Co,VA,USA I16584
21 Smith, Palatin  c 1826Brunswick Co,VA,USA I16590
22 Smith, Stephen A  c 1795Brunswick Co,VA,USA I16586
23 Smith, Stephen J  1822Brunswick Co,VA,USA I103978
24 Smith, Sterling William  27 Nov 1789Brunswick Co,VA,USA I24900
25 Smith, Thomas  1720Brunswick Co,VA,USA I87186
26 Smith, William A  18 Nov 1803Brunswick Co,VA,USA I27216
27 Smith, William Washington  1862Brunswick Co,VA,USA I90514


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Chamberlayne, Elizabeth  c 1786Brunswick Co,VA,USA I24887
2 Collier, Charles  Dec 1810Brunswick Co,VA,USA I24835
3 Collier, Isaac  10 Oct 1771Brunswick Co,VA,USA I31625
4 Gray, Archibald  1762Brunswick Co,VA,USA I84211
5 Jones, Tabitha  5 Jun 1766Brunswick Co,VA,USA I16691
6 Smith, Cuthbert  c 1780Brunswick Co,VA,USA I24829
7 Smith, Cuthbert  After 1840Brunswick Co,VA,USA I16580
8 Smith, Frederick  1848Brunswick Co,VA,USA I24891
9 Smith, Harvey Massenburg  25 Apr 1902Brunswick Co,VA,USA I90512
10 Smith, Richard  27 Dec 1798Brunswick Co,VA,USA I17261
11 Smith, Stephen  Bef Oct 1818Brunswick Co,VA,USA I24889