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Clay Co,KY,USA

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Latitude: 37.1738044, Longitude: -83.7199136


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Davidson, Mary  5 Aug 1886Clay Co,KY,USA I78535
2 Sanders, Telitha  7 Jun 1805Clay Co,KY,USA I12029
3 Smith, Elijah  1825Clay Co,KY,USA I81355
4 Smith, Elizabeth  1837Clay Co,KY,USA I5917
5 Smith, Elizabeth  24 Jan 1853Clay Co,KY,USA I81302
6 Smith, Harmon  c 1849Clay Co,KY,USA I29392
7 Smith, Hiram Harrison  Feb 1824Clay Co,KY,USA I5942
8 Smith, Jabel M  1781Clay Co,KY,USA I5893
9 Smith, James Farmer  Oct 1847Clay Co,KY,USA I5949
10 Smith, John  6 Aug 1801Clay Co,KY,USA I12028
11 Smith, John  25 Sep 1816Clay Co,KY,USA I100762
12 Smith, John  9 Jul 1861Clay Co,KY,USA I81229
13 Smith, John Speed  28 Dec 1811Clay Co,KY,USA I5906
14 Smith, Joseph  1859Clay Co,KY,USA I5954
15 Smith, Louisa  1840Clay Co,KY,USA I5919
16 Smith, Martin Isaac  1850Clay Co,KY,USA I29389
17 Smith, Milton B  1815Clay Co,KY,USA I21694
18 Smith, Pierce  1855Clay Co,KY,USA I11156
19 Smith, Rhoda  10 Jun 1799Clay Co,KY,USA I5900
20 Smith, Rosanah  1839Clay Co,KY,USA I5918
21 Smith, Thomas W  17 Jul 1843Clay Co,KY,USA I5921
22 Smith, William  c 1838Clay Co,KY,USA I29385
23 Smith, William Wiley  May 1850Clay Co,KY,USA I29388


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Eversole, Nancy  Jun 1854Clay Co,KY,USA I54481
2 Metcalf, John Adrian  1867Clay Co,KY,USA I110307
3 Smith, Abigail  9 Jan 1922Clay Co,KY,USA I69738
4 Smith, Benjamin  12 Mar, 1857Clay Co,KY,USA I21684
5 Smith, Elizabeth  1 Apr 1858Clay Co,KY,USA I5917
6 Smith, Ellender  4 Apr 1918Clay Co,KY,USA I28134
7 Smith, Henry Clay  Clay Co,KY,USA I29387
8 Smith, Jabel  1881Clay Co,KY,USA I29380
9 Smith, John  1840Clay Co,KY,USA I54480
10 Smith, Kezziah  After 1860Clay Co,KY,USA I5899
11 Smith, Louisa  1887Clay Co,KY,USA I5919
12 Smith, Margaret  8 Jan 1874Clay Co,KY,USA I5898
13 Smith, Martin Isaac  Clay Co,KY,USA I29389
14 Smith, Milton B  1880Clay Co,KY,USA I21694
15 Smith, Redden  1863Clay Co,KY,USA I63651
16 Smith, Rosanah  12 Mar 1858Clay Co,KY,USA I5918
17 Smith, Thomas Marler  After 1863Clay Co,KY,USA I5894
18 Smith, William  Dec 1860Clay Co,KY,USA I92363
19 Taylor, Frances  After 1833Clay Co,KY,USA I5929