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Stokes Co,NC,USA

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Latitude: 36.4244396, Longitude: -80.2321313


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Blackburn, Ida Alice  27 Sep 1870Stokes Co,NC,USA I17726
2 Sapp, Rachel  15 May 1792Stokes Co,NC,USA I17722
3 Smith, Christian Columbus  c 1774Stokes Co,NC,USA I101760
4 Smith, Jettie Lee  8 Oct 1861Stokes Co,NC,USA I72629
5 Smith, John  1806Stokes Co,NC,USA I101808
6 Smith, John Henry  15 Jun 1793Stokes Co,NC,USA I17721
7 Smith, Mary Mariah  1808Stokes Co,NC,USA I101810
8 Smith, Peter  1828Stokes Co,NC,USA I101815
9 Smith, Preston  3 May 1897Stokes Co,NC,USA I72630
10 Smith, Thomas Benjamin  21 Mar 1852Stokes Co,NC,USA I72657
11 Smith, Thompson  15 Oct 1790Stokes Co,NC,USA I17720
12 Webb, John Benjamin  17 Feb 1782Stokes Co,NC,USA I24868
13 Webb, Mary Emily  1821Stokes Co,NC,USA I103896
14 Young, Sally  1788Stokes Co,NC,USA I55692


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Coble, Maria Elizabeth  18 Dec 1811Stokes Co,NC,USA I43183
2 Hastin, Margaret  1870Stokes Co,NC,USA I72639
3 Hill, Susan  6 Jun 1886Stokes Co,NC,USA I101898
4 Johnson, Elizabeth  1859Stokes Co,NC,USA I72641
5 Pulliam, Tabitha Jane  8 Jun 1896Stokes Co,NC,USA I72655
6 Schmidt, Johan Christian  1815Stokes Co,NC,USA I39397
7 Smith, Amos Ellis  23 Oct 1865Stokes Co,NC,USA I72652
8 Smith, Charlie Fleming  2 Nov 1941Stokes Co,NC,USA I72628
9 Smith, Jacob  28 Sep 1882Stokes Co,NC,USA I67910
10 Smith, James Munford  6 Jan 1854Stokes Co,NC,USA I114639
11 Smith, John  1880Stokes Co,NC,USA I101808
12 Smith, Leonard  1899Stokes Co,NC,USA I101813
13 Smith, Peter  2 Mar 1835Stokes Co,NC,USA I101805
14 Smith, Solomon  1887Stokes Co,NC,USA I72638
15 Smith, Thompson  1821Stokes Co,NC,USA I17705