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Latitude: 32.3213840, Longitude: -64.7573700


Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Smith, William John  c 1718Bermuda I36994
2 Smith, William  c 1675Bermuda I37000
3 Smith, Warren Eugene  Bermuda I60665
4 Smith, Valeria Lightbourn  1851Bermuda I36970
5 Smith, Thomas Lindsay  1843Bermuda I36950
6 Smith, Thomas Lea  1803Bermuda I36945
7 Smith, Thomas Lea  c 1759Bermuda I36940
8 Smith, Thomas Chris  1905Bermuda I37011
9 Smith, Thomas  c 1661Bermuda I37018
10 Smith, Susan Augusta  1810Bermuda I36976
11 Smith, Sarah Elizabeth  Bermuda I36957
12 Smith, Samuel  c 1660Bermuda I23330
13 Smith, Miriam  30 Jul 1692Bermuda I23332
14 Smith, Mary  c 1678Bermuda I37001
15 Smith, Mary  c 1655Bermuda I37014
16 Smith, Lindsay Lea  1870Bermuda I36952
17 Smith, Lila  3 Apr 1896Bermuda I64925
18 Smith, Joseph Spencer  Bermuda I23346
19 Smith, John James  1824Bermuda I60661
20 Smith, John  1809Bermuda I36975
21 Smith, John  1760Bermuda I60657
22 Smith, John  c 1745Bermuda I36936
23 Smith, John  c 1716Bermuda I36993
24 Smith, Jeremiah  c 1656Bermuda I37015
25 Smith, James Millard  c 1809Bermuda I36974
26 Smith, Henry  c 1679Bermuda I37002
27 Smith, Fridesweed  c 1658Bermuda I37016
28 Smith, Elizabeth Lowe  1807Bermuda I36946
29 Smith, Elizabeth  c 1746Bermuda I36937
30 Smith, Elizabeth  1690Bermuda I23331
31 Smith, Elizabeth  c 1685Bermuda I37004
32 Smith, Elizabeth  c 1654Bermuda I37013
33 Smith, Edward  c 1798Bermuda I36943
34 Smith, Daniel Thomas  1808Bermuda I36947
35 Smith, Daniel Lea  c1747Bermuda I36938
36 Smith, Daniel  c 1740Bermuda I36995
37 Smith, Daniel  c 1676Bermuda I36932
38 Smith, Daniel  c 1659Bermuda I37017
39 Smith, Christopher  c 1714Bermuda I36934
40 Smith, Christopher  1701Bermuda I23336
41 Smith, Ann  c 1682Bermuda I37003
42 Smith, Almeria Dunscomb  1848Bermuda I36969
43 Smith, Alice  1916Bermuda I36956
44 Smith, Adrianna  1797Bermuda I36942


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Smith, William  Bermuda I36924
2 Smith, Thomas Lea  19 Oct 1859Bermuda I36940
3 Smith, Thomas Edward  1874Bermuda I37009
4 Smith, Seth  After 1694Bermuda I37026
5 Smith, Mary  After 1715Bermuda I37001
6 Smith, John James  1903Bermuda I60661
7 Smith, John Dickinson  1862Bermuda I60659
8 Smith, John  Apr 1749Bermuda I36936
9 Smith, Henry  1837Bermuda I37007
10 Smith, Henry  1772Bermuda I37005
11 Smith, Elizabeth  After 1804Bermuda I36937
12 Smith, Edward Blackwell  1940Bermuda I60663
13 Smith, Edward  Jul 1678Bermuda I37020
14 Smith, Daniel Lea  After 1791Bermuda I36938
15 Smith, Christopher  1715Bermuda I36930