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Branch name 8FdIHhD9wg
Aytch and Nancy Catherine Pruitt Smith from 1918 GA. Hubert Corbin Smith on father's knee
Description Joseph Hiram Smith born 1798, SC Hall CoGA (2 Job 3 Hiram)
DNA Test Kit#/ Type 1138**** YDNA Vendor: FTD YDNA
DNA Matched Group GRP-R-M269-19 - Click to see all members in this group Group Contact:
Individuals & Families 56
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*What is a Branch? Each member with a particular line of descent is represented by a branch. Each branch has a unique branch ID, and a description, and, if the person has registered, will have a member name tied to the branch. The branch line is included in most reports, and shows whether the branch represents YDNA, mtDNA, autosomal, or is tree only.
On the Smithsworldwide trees, there are several ways to determine the status of a DNA test. If it's simply a listed line that NO ONE has claimed, you will see, in the Branches/DNA section on the ancestor person page, "No DNA tester yet or not listed branch". Means we are waiting for someone to come along whose line this is to claim it and hopefully do a DNA test. If you see Smith Branch(YDNA, FF, or mtDNA) means there is a DNA kit for that person of the type specified (ie, YDNA, Family Finder/Autosomal or mtDNA). Click on the link to contact that person, see the pedigree line, go to a group link(if there is a matched group for that kit). If this is someone's line that has not done a DNA test but has supplied a tree, you will see a branch listing and Tree-No DNA.