Smith Official DNA & One Name Study

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SNPS R-A11138 R-A11376 R-A1142 R-A1344 R-A14350 R-A426 R-A432 R-A557 R-A7297 R-A7384 R-A7566 R-A7607 R-A7699 R-BY11186 R-BY11555 R-BY14093 R-BY18055 R-BY19494 R-BY19970 R-BY20695 R-BY21214 R-BY23386 R-BY3157 R-BY3194 R-BY3198 R-BY3298 R-BY3318 R-BY3436 R-BY3483 R-BY3613 R-BY3614 R-BY3630 R-BY3933 R-BY4033 R-BY5702 R-CTS-2509 R-CTS10893 R-CTS12023 R-CTS1751 R-CTS3386 R-CTS3937 R-CTS4065 R-CTS4157 R-CTS4299 R-CTS4528 R-CTS6353 R-CTS6919 R-DF105 R-DF13 R-DF17 R-DF19 R-DF21 R-DF23 R-DF27 R-DF41 R-DF49 R-DF88 R-DF98 R-DF99 R-FGC11134 R-FGC11293 R-FGC12378 R-FGC13411 R-FGC17465 R-FGC17467 R-FGC17938 R-FGC19319 R-FGC19338 R-FGC20667 R-FGC23071 R-FGC24138 R-FGC29470 R-FGC29729 R-FGC37140 R-FGC4077 R-FGC46759 R-FGC5780 R-FGC62079 R-FGC909 R-L1 R-L1066 R-L1403 R-L159 R-L193 R-L2 R-L20 R-L21 R-L217 R-L23 R-L238 R-L48 R-L513 R-L52 R-M173 R-M222 R-M269 R-P25 R-Y23517 R-Z326 R-Z381 R-Z43485 R-Z8 R-Z9

This includes only those members that have supplied trees with birth locations. The first value is the shorthand haplogroup. May take a minute or so to load the map. When zooming in, center the map locations first with your mouse

Legend: Shorthand haplogroup/Main Haplogroup - Early Ancestor - Tree Link - DNA Kit # - Grouping (if one)