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Smith Official DNA & One Name Study Project
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Come Join the Smith Official DNA Project at FamilyTreeDNA! THE Smith DNA Project for ALL Locations
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  To compare your markers at FTDNA with other kits, login to myFTDNA at using the credentials FTDNA sent you. If you don't remember your password, try clicking Forgot Password? Then, on the right hand side of the page, once logged in, look for YDNA and MATCHES.
To compare your markers on Smiths (, which can include others who have tested with other vendors, look for the Search Kit # button on most pages near the top or Search/Advanced/Kit # Search, type in your kit #, which will bring you to your kit page. On that page, click Compare Markers to see how you stack up with others in the Smith Official DNA project. If you are a Smith who tested YDNA, but not with FTDNA, click here.

Not FTDNA? Add your Smith/Schmidt/Smyth et al markers to the site for comparison. This applies if you have YDNA tested with Ancestry, Relative Genetics, Sorensen, etc.
Help & Frequently Asked Questions Page
mtDNA Reports
  mtDNA haplogroup on FTDNA
  mtDNA haplogroup MAP on FTDNA
Autosomal Data Report
  Autosomal Matches from FTDNA or Gedmatch
Form to send in your vetted Smith autosomal matches
Surmanes/Family Lines
   Smith DNA Kits with Trees Listed on TNG
Must be registered on TNG to add/edit your family line. You do not have to be registered to read or suggest changes. All registrations are pending approval.-Registration Link

Surnames List -All Names on TNG

Smith DNA and Family Project Members Photo List

Smith/Schmidt/Schmitt/Smyth et al American Revolutionary War Patriots Report

Smith Adoptee List for Members of Smith Official DNA Project at FamilyTreeDNA

Smith Marriages Sorted by Females

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Smith Census

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Smith One Name Migration and Distribution Report

Smith Community on Google Plus- can post queries, have conversations, chats and video.

Contacting Smith Members and Matches
  Smiths Members List on TNG - these are members who have submitted a tree or have done DNA. Members who have not supplied a tree can be found on the general haplogroup report.
Smiths Members who have tested DNA- on the Smith DNA reports, you will see an email icon that can be clicked to add an information request to the site. All information requests are pending approval to cut down on spam.
Contacting Potential Matches on FTDNA - Logon to FamilyTreeDNA using the credentials FTDNA sent you and look, on the right hand side for matches under YDNA or mtDNA. IF the person has elected to show his or her email, you will be able to email matches.
Contact Smith Official DNA Project for ALL Locations Volunteer Administrators.