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Smith Cemetery Sorted by Cemetery Name
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Cemetery NameCountry StateCounty
Old Calvary CemeteryUSA CaliforniaMonterey
Old Cathedral CemeteryUSA PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia
Old CemeteryUSA ConnecticutFairfield
Old CemeteryUSA ConnecticutMiddlesex
Old CemeteryUSA ConnecticutNew Haven
Old CemeteryUSA ConnecticutNew London
Old CemeteryUSA MaineKennebec
Old CemeteryUSA New HampshireSullivan
Old Center CemeteryUSA ConnecticutHartford
Old Centre Burial GroundUSA MassachusettsWorcester
Old Centre CemeteryUSA New HampshireRockingham
Old Christ Church CemeteryUSA VermontWindsor
Old Congregational Burying GroundUSA ConnecticutFairfield
Old Congregational CemeteryUSA New YorkOrange County
Old Covenanter CemeteryUSA IllinoisMarion
Old Davis CemeteryUSA North CarolinaWayne
Old Derby Uptown Burying GroundUSA ConnecticutNew Haven
Old Dublin Memorial ParkUSA TexasErath
Old Dunstable CemeteryUSA New HampshireHillsborough
Old Dutch CemeteryUSA West VirginiaMorgan
Old East Burying GroundUSA MassachusettsEssex
Old East Mountain CemeteryUSA TexasUpshur
Old Eastbury CemeteryUSA ConnecticutHartford
Old Ellenville CemeteryUSA New YorkUlster
Old Farm Hill CemeteryUSA ConnecticutMiddlesex
Old Fayettville City CemeteryUSA TennesseeLincoln
Old First Methodist Church CemeteryUSA New JerseyMonmouth
Old Flener CemeteryUSA KentuckyButler
Old Florence CemeteryUSA ArkansasDrew
Old Fox Farm CemeteryUSA ConnecticutNew London
Old Friendship CemeteryUSA KentuckyRussell
Old Gainesville CemeteryUSA New YorkWyoming
Old Glendale CemeteryUSA New YorkLewis
Old GraveyardUSA PennsylvaniaCumberland
Old Hadley CemeteryUSA MassachusettsHampshire
Old Hall CemeteryUSA TexasDenton
Old Halsey CemeteryUSA New YorkSeneca
Old Hepzibah CemeteryUSA TennesseeHenderson
Old Hickory CemeteryUSA North CarolinaRichmond
Old Hickory Flat CemeteryUSA MississippiBenton
Old Hill CemeteryUSA IndianaClay
Old Holstein CemeteryUSA West VirginiaLincoln
Old Hopeful CemeteryUSA AlabamaTalladega
Old Hopewell CemeteryUSA South CarolinaAnderson
Old Hopkinton CemeteryUSA New HampshireMerrimack
Old Jasper CemeteryUSA OhioPike
Old Judea CemeteryUSA ConnecticutLitchfield
Old Kit CemeteryUSA TexasDallas
Old Klondike CemetryUSA TexasDelta
Old Lancaster City GraveyardUSA OhioFairfield
Old Leeville CemeteryUSA MississippiForrest
Old Liberty CemeteryUSA South CarolinaOconee County
Old Linebrook CemeteryUSA MassachusettsEssex
Old Lineville CemeteryUSA AlabamaClay
Old Loyalist CemeteryCanada Nova ScotiaQueens
Old Lyme CemeteryUSA New HampshireGrafton
Old Marcellus Village CemeteryUSA New YorkOnondaga
Old Marcellus Village CemeteryUSA New YorkOnondaga
Old Methodist Cemetery/ChaplinUSA KentuckyNelson
Old Mifflin CemeteryUSA TennesseeChester
Old Montezuma CemeteryUSA New YorkCayuga
Old Morley CemeteryUSA MissouriScott
Old Mount Moriah CemeteryUSA AlabamaBlount
Old Mulkey Church CemeteryUSA KentuckyMonroe
Old North CemeteryUSA MassachusettsBarnstable
Old North Church CemeteryUSA New HampshireMerrimack
Old North Fairfield CemeteryUSA OhioHuron
Old Northport CemeteryUSA New YorkSuffolk County
Old Norwichtown CemeteryUSA ConnecticutNew London
Old Pawlet CemeteryUSA VermontRutland
Old Pine Grove CemeteryUSA New HampshireRockingham
Old Pine Grove CemeteryUSA New YorkSt Lawrence County
Old Ponset CemeteryUSA ConnecticutMiddlesex
Old Poplar Log CemeteryUSA AlabamaMarion
Old Powers CemeteryUSA MaineOxford
Old Presbyterian CemeteryUSA New YorkOnondaga
Old Prospect CemeteryUSA AlabamaMarshall County
Old Prospect Methodist Church CemeteryUSA AlabamaWalker
Old Rosemont CemeteryUSA ArkansasSaline
Old Roundhill CemeteryUSA PennsylvaniaYork County
Old Saint Andrews Episcopal Church CemeteryUSA South CarolinaCharleston
Old Salem CemeteryUSA GeorgiaOglethorpe
Old Salem Methodist Church CemeteryUSA KentuckyHopkins
Old School Baptist Church CemeteryUSA New YorkOrange
Old School Hill CemeteryUSA TexasErath
Old Scotland CemeteryUSA ConnecticutWindham County
Old Scots CemeteryUSA New YorkWashington
Old Smith Burial GroundsUSA South CarolinaRichland
Old Smith CemeteryUSA ConnecticutWindham
Old Smith CemeteryUSA GeorgiaBryan
Old Smith CemeteryUSA OhioPike
Old Smith CemeteryUSA West VirginiaLewis
Old Smith Family CemeteryUSA MississippiPrentiss
Old Smith Hill CemeteryUSA OhioPike County
Old Smithville CemeteryUSA North CarolinaBrunswick
Old South CemeteryUSA ConnecticutFairfield
Old South CemeteryUSA MassachusettsEssex
Old South CemeteryUSA MassachusettsFranklin
Old South Church CemeteryUSA TexasCollin
Old South Church CemeteryUSA VermontWindsor
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