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3 William Smiths all in KY different locations
Posted by smithsworldwide in Smith Tangled Lines Forum on March 11, 2018 Views:(170Replies (2)
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Sorting out 3 William Smith lines. Please weigh in and correct with sources if any of these 3 are yours. Found with a new tree that there was a conflict about ancestors. In other words, two trees that had the same parents but obvious not the same William Smith. All 3 were in Kentucky and all three were born around the same time.

William Branham Smith b c 1792 Shenandoah Co VA d 1880 Knott Co KY, Parents are Isaac Smith b c 1768 (no source and have seen conflicting birth locations, anyone know for sure) m Frankie Sprouls. Have also seen her last name was Childers, daughter of Abraham V Childers and Elizabeth J Roberts. , again, can anyone sort that out? Definitely William Branham Smith married an Elizabeth Childers so it wouldn't be a far reach. Anyway, have seen Isaac and Frankie on other trees but it appears that based on the trajectory of where W B went, ie, Floyd Co KY, Letcher KY and Knott Co KY that the parents Isaac and Frankie belong with this one.


Second William - William T Smith b c 1792 Frederick Co VA died 1841 Owen Co KY m Agnes C Ellis. This Smith family in Fayette, Owen and Shelby Co KY. Have seen some trees that added in the wife of the next William T Smith about to get to, but that's simply not possible since Agnes lived until 1859 and was last in a census with her daughter Sarah Smith Bailey.https://www.smithsworldwide.org/tng/descendtext.php…

Third William. William T Smith b c 1793 VA d bef 1862 KY (possibly Christian Co KY). He had a wife Mary Virginia Peterson who died in 1845, but then a Nancy T on the census in 1850 in Christian Co KY. HIs won Thaddeus signed a deed transfer in 1862 where he referenced his deceased father and the land possibly may have been sold to his father in law. If all the children are correct, they appear to have mostly passed away before their father William T did. As a side note, there is also an older Austin P Smith in 1850 Hopkins Co KY, and one of the children of William T is supposed to be an Austin P. We do have some YDNA testers who may be related to this Smith, but not directly.


Thaddeus had been shown as a son on the first William T Smith who married Agnes C Ellis but the fact that Thaddeus is in Hopkins Co KY in 1850 and also that he signed the deed re: deceased father's land in 1862 for Christian Co KY (where this William T had been in 1840 and 1850) , he belongs with William T Smith m Mary V Peterson.

Would of course like YDNA tester Smith males for any of these lines.

Have at it!

Posted by TJtime1 on March 11, 2020 10:40:04 AM  
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I descend from William Branham Smith who married Elizabeth Childers.  He is the son of Isaac

Smith and Frankie (Sprouls) Childers .  

Your information is correct, for what we know.  Unfortuantley this line has been linked to Isaac smith who married Elizabeth Custis Teakle in many family trees, and I find no proof of that.

I was hoping this DNA site might clear things up.  I'm trying my hardest to get a male Smith to take a DNA test, but it is proving difficult.

Posted by smithsworldwide on March 16, 2020 01:16:20 PM  
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Sent you a message, also answering here. This is your branch.  I agree with you that I don't know of any proof of Isaac Smith m Elizabeth Teackle, will look and, if possible update the charts as maybe we can try to flush out another descendant of Smith/Teackle if there is one.  One main reason I don't beileve they are the same is they have different birth and death dates-one is in Russell Co VA, the other was in Accomack/Northampton Co VA. Here is where Isaac smith m Elizabeth Custis Smith are listed, are there any male Smiths out there that have this line for an ancestor? 

Also, have you done any type of DNA test? As you note, you don't have a YDNA tester to compare with, but if you have done an autosomal test, such as Ancestry or 23andme, you can do an autosomal transfer and then join the Smith Official DNA Project to compare.