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my father was Smith - updated 6-30-19
Posted by ekcan in Smith Adoptions on August 9, 2018 Views:(249Replies (0)
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Edit:  we no longer believe the bio mother died at birth.  we also no longer believe her name was Jenny Riley.  DNA tests of more family has led us away from those thoughts.  We are looking for the bio dad to be related to Azariah Branch Smith, Sr.  born about 1849.  Still unsure of direct lineage, but getting closer.


Found a paper with my dad's bio father's signature giving care of my 4-5 month old dad to the people that raised him.  They became his parents after dad adopted himself to them at the age of 14.  They had no children of their own.  Dad was raised an only child.  His bio father signed as J. R. Smith in Dec. of 1929.  Dad's birth is claimed to be July 12, 1929.  Dad seemed to recall that his birth mother died at birth and her name was possibly Jenny Riley, and that she may have been Native American.  Dad has passed so we can only make assumptions, with the exception of the signature page.  We have that.  We did find another document online with the initials R.J. Smith and to our untrained eyes, the writing looks the same.  I believe it was a marriage license.  I know this is a far cry from enough information, but if I don't put it out there, I haven't done my best.  Thanks for any help.