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Tangled Lines- Sorting out Nicholas Smith m Elizabeth Flood line via DNA
Posted by smithsworldwide in Smith Tangled Lines Forum on November 25, 2018 Views:(185Replies (2)
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What happens when there are two or more YDNA testers who have what looks like good sourced lineages but conflict in some way on YDNA. That’s the case with the Nicholas Smith b bef 1656 VA d after 18 Feb 1719 Surry County, Virginia m Elizabeth Flood, daughter of John Flood lineage.

Why is this tangled? Because YDNA goes male to male to male, so any son of Nicholas Smith would have the same haplogroup as he does, but we see two different sons with 2 different haplogroups. This cannot be, but there is simply not enough information to see what might be actually correct.

Here’s the YDNA conflict at this point in time via sons of Nicholas and Elizabeth
1. Lawrence Smith b 1678 Surry County VA d 1748 Isle of Wight, VA m Jane Mary Regan. YDNA tester has I-M223 haplogroup. Some descendants in Northampton County, NC.
2. Nicholas Smith b c 1682 VA- no YDNA testers specifically for this downline, also needs more details on the lineage.
3. John Smith b 1685 Albemarle Parish, Surry, VA m Mary Price. No YDNA testers specifically for this downline, also needs more details on the lineage.
4. William Smith b 1695 Surry Co VA d 1750 Surry Co VA m Ann Isham. We do have a YDNA tester for Josiah Smith, son of William, the haplogroup is R-M269. Sons of William are: Cuthbert Smith, William Smith, Isham Smith, Josiah Smith. Daughters are Sarah, Lucy and Susannah Smith. Smith DNA Group

For 1 and 4, need additional YDNA testers, from different sons if possible. These must be male Smith YDNA testers and for the purposes of proving these lines, the testers must have a direct line to either Lawrence Smith or William Smith.

Also, for the purposes of sorting this out, if you did an autosomal test (FamilyFinder/23andme/Ancestry) and have a direct line to any of the above Smiths, please come join the Smith Official DNA Project at FamilyTreeDNA. You can upload your autosomal test for free to FTDNA, again, just make sure you join the project after uploading.

Finally, if you have information, including sources and documents for any part of this lineage or see mistakes that you can prove via sources, please, please send them in or put in a comment via the discussion pages. By collaborating together, we can, through more DNA tests, and additional lineage information, sort this out.

Posted by ISortaStudyHistory on May 3, 2019 10:29:22 PM  
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Please see the WikiTree page for Isaac M. Smith of Scott Co, TN and earlier Washington Co, VA.


I am researching the Smith line of a William Smith who married a Susan Silcox in Scott Co, TN. This Smith line is a 67 level match with mine.

I believe, due to the presence of a "J D Blankenship" on the marriage record of William and Susan, that William is related to an Ewell Smith, a son of Isaac M. Smith who was married in Washington Co, VA. J D Blankenship was a half-first cousin to an Ewell Blankenship. J D and Ewell can be found listed next to each other in the 1891 Scott Co, TN voter census.

I am posting this Smith line because WikiTree has yDNA of Gaylord Smith attached to it and my research is taking me into very close proximity of Ewell Smith; he was enumerated directly next to an older Susan Silcox who was the grandmother of the woman who married William Smith. My Smiths are group R-M269-9.

Additionally, my dad and many of his 4th cousins share autosomal DNA with descendants of John G. Reynolds who married a Polly Smith. This Reynolds/Lloyd/Hatfield/Jeffers/Smith/Silcox/Sexton group is right where my yDNA match's ancestors lived.

Hopefully we can bring some clarity to this subject. Thank you.

Posted by herewegoagn on August 3, 2019 03:47:37 PM  
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kit# B213792 is in group RM269-32. This is my Uncles Ydna that I am managing. I am at loss since his G Grandfather  Benjamin P Smith does not show up in anyones tree descending from Nicholas. I have contacted those on the Ydna matches at 1 (there were no zeros). I contacted Gaylord Smith (being managed by a Quentin Smith) and received a reply they aren't aware of a Benjamin in their lineage. Others I have contacted don't respond.

Is there any benefit to adding SNP's?