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William D Smith m Martha J Scott -died Parker Co TX William D Smith
Posted by smithsworldwide in Smith/Schmidt Queries and Most Wanteds Forum on November 30, 2018 Views:(219Replies (2)
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Laying out the case why William D Smith born 2 Dec 1845 TN d 8 Jun 1921 Poolville, Parker Co TX m Martha Jane Scott on Jan 6 1867 in Tippah Co MS is the son of Isaac Smith b c 1811 SC who was in Tippah Co MS in 1860 and came from McNairy Co TN. I have seen at least one tree that has William D F(igures) Smith of Wilson Co TN but the evidence shows that the two men are in different places at the same time. 

First, Isaac Smith b c 1811 SC m Mary ? is in District 6 of McNairy Co TN, along with son William 5 yrs old. Isaac next appears in 1860 Jonesborough, Northern Division, Tippah Co MS, as does son William Smith 13. His children are, according to the 2 censuses, Samuel c 1834, Nancy c 1836, Martha c 1838, George c 1841, Matilda c 1842, William c 1845, E Smith c 1850, J C Smith c 1851, John Smith c 1856, Mary Smith c 1857 and G A Smith c 1857. 

In 1870 Isaac and wife Mary have apparently passed away. We see, at 30:30 Jim SMith 18, Adeline Smith 24, and John Smith 14. At 33:33, we see Wm D Smith 24 with wife M J Smith, and children M E Smith and J A Smith. 

Mary Jane Scott Smith is daughter of George F Scott b c 1829 TN, found in 1850 in Tippah Co MS, and again in 1860 at McLane's Store in Tippah Co MS. Of interest is that daughter of Isaac Smith, Matilda Smith is at 879:800 married to Elias P Taylor 25, with F Scott and wife Mary at 880:801. I cannot find Matilda Smith Taylor after 1860, nor Elias P Taylor.

According to William D Smith's confederate pension application, as written by wife Mary J Scott Smith, they were married on Jan 6 1867 in Tippa (sic) Mississippi and had resided in the state of Texas since 1870, and in Parker County Texas since 1884 (Springtown, Texas). 

James C (I believe Calvin) Smith who was with sister Adeline and brother John in 1870 married Josephine Hopper, who was nearby in the 1870 Tippah Co MS census in father P Hopper's household at 34:34. He went with his wife to Lauderdale County, TN. One of his daughters Mary Ella SMith b 1877 MS married Thomas Patrick Gleason/Glisson. Another, Emma Jane Smith married Willie Milton Skinner, both also in Lauderdale Co TN. 2 of the descendants of the latter line are matching on autosomal DNA. 

A number of William D Smith's descendants also match on autosomal DNA, including a descendant of Charles J Newkirk m Lillian Kelly (Marion W Newkirk>William Newkirk m Mary Ella Smith >William D Smith; Maywood M Smith m Charles Rowland <John Franklin Smith<William D Smith; Marjorie Smith m Travis Parsons<John Franklin Smith<William D Smith;  

Now to look at William D F Smith m Effie, of Wilson Co TN. To begin with, in 1895 there is a chancery record that indicates that an apparent suit against W D F Smith and names his wife Effie and a number of his children. Dudley, Mildred, James, George, Lizzie, Frank and Albert, all of Wilson Co TN. . In fact, W L F Smith 53 Lumber Dealer with wife Effie and same named children appears in the 1900 Wilson Co TN census. And we see William D F Smith in the household of his father and mother William Dudley Smith b 1798 Wilson Co TN m Sarah Caroline Figures in the 1860 census with siblings James W, Sarah C and Richard. In 1870, W D F Smith is in the household of Robert Page, 23 a miller. And by 1880 he has hiw own household with wife Effie Smith and 3 children, Fannie, Dudley and Milley.

The William D Smith from TN that was in Tippah Co MS, however, was in TEXAS by 1870, according to his wife and in Parker County by 1884. Therefore this William D Smith CANNOT BE the same person as William D F Smith who is STILL in 1900 Wilson Co TN with his family. 

DNA. Again, there is autosomal evidence that two sons of Isaac Smith b c 1811 SC match each other. The one son William D Smith m Mary J Scott and the other James C (Calvin?) Smith m Josephine Hopper. To go further, would like a male Smith descendant of William D Smith and of James (Jim) Smith to do a YDNA test. YDNA tests go male to male to male so they should theoretically match. And, as a matter of setting a flag for William D F Smith of Wilson Co TN, would like a male YDNA tester for that line too. 

P.S. My own Smith is not of this line directly but is a Smith that might well be a peer to Isaac Smith, as he was born in South Carolina and was also for a short time tin Tennessee. 

Posted by steve.smith.tn on December 4, 2018 11:45:02 PM  
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Any info on another William D Smith, born 1833 to Robert Smith born 1804 in Virginia? Mother of William is likely Eliza Sterling. William D Smith is in the 1850 Knox County TN census. I believe him to be the father of my great grandfather John Henry Smith born 1876 in Greene Co. TN. I also believe the D stands for Duncan, as that matches family lore and it also matches a later Meigs County census with a Dunkin Smith father of John Henry  

According to my y-dna grouping, I’m supposedly descended from the tidewater Virginia Smiths from Essex Co.  This Robert, father of William D., father of John Henry is listed as born in Virginia on the census. Searching down tree from several of the tidewater VA Smiths, a few reportedly came to Roane, Knox, and other Upper East TN counties at thre dawn of the 19th century. Have as of yet been able to connect my upstream paper trail to the downstream weblog paper trail from Nicholas or Francis Smith of Essex.  

But another theory puts Duncan Smith in Northeast Alabama, the later home of John Henry Smith. Still as of yet searching for a lin’ between him and the tidewater Smith descendants. 

Posted by servant on April 28, 2019 10:19:37 AM  
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There appear to be more than William D. Smiths.

My 2nd great grandfather (William D. Smith 1823, TN) is connected to me by a fairly well documented paper trail, though I haven't yet been able to do a DNA comparison with some other known descendants.

He can be seen here in my Ancestry tree:


I am the home person in the tree:


William D. Smith 1823, TN is also shown in David Smith 1977's tree:


I am in the Smith DNA match group:


How does this fit with the documents you have found for William D. Smith?

Phil Smith