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Samuel Robert Smith Samuel Robert Smith
Posted by kgsdls@aol.com in Smith/Schmidt Queries and Most Wanteds Forum on December 8, 2018 Views:(182Replies (0)
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I believe that Samuel Robert Smith is related to me (he lived in the same county as my mother's family).  He married Ann Wilkinson, and Ann is the sister of Lucy who married Francis Smith (grandson of Nicholas and Anne Smith).  Samuel and Ann had a daughter Milley who married Henry Law (a Law relative of mine), a son John Smith who married Frances Haynes, another son Thomas Smith who married Sarah Jenkins and possibly another son Samuel Smith, Jr.  Thomas Smith was a Captain of the Henry County Militia during the American Revolution and Henry Law served in his unit and applied for a pension S31196 in Russell County, KY under the Congressional benefits act passed on 7 Jun 1832. 
Although I have yet been unable to prove the parents of Samuel Robert Smith, Thomas Smith shows up in my YDNA results, and I have Henry Law in my family tree as son of John Birdwell Law and Sarah Cockerman (my grandmother was a descendant of John and Sarah).  I am often misrepresented as a being a descendant of the John Smith who married Frances Haynes.  The Haynes and Smith families were neighbors and did land transactions together.  So, I think Samuel Robert Smith does fit into the narrative in some way.