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Any DNA descendants of Eliab Smith b c 1750 m Abigail Lewis? Eliab Smith
Posted by smithsworldwide in Smith/Schmidt Queries and Most Wanteds Forum on January 31, 2020 Views:(178Replies (0)
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The Smith DNA Project has one YDNA tester for Eliab and we would like to confirm the line. Eliab Smith went to Sidney, Kennebec Co ME, and his children were in Hallowell and possibly Belgrade. One son, Moses Smith b 1781 Lincoln Co ME died in Montgomery Co NY and some of his descendants were in Ramsey Co MN, Madision Co NY and Mercer Co IL. Eliab Smith Jr died in 1861 Kennebec Co MN and his children seemed to also stay in the area. 

If you are a male Smith descendants (ie, your last name is Smith and you descend as a male line from Eliab Smith) please consider doing a YDNA test or if you're a female or other surname, if you have a male Smith, perhaps that one could do for you. Or, if you have done autosomal tests, please join the project and send a note to info@smithsworldwide.org to let us know specifically that you're a descendant of Eliab.