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I-M253 Smith DNA Matched Groupings

Smith/Wallace of Ireland Nexus Theory
Smith DNA Matched Group GRP-I-M253-6
Posted by smithsworldwide in I-M253 Smith DNA Matched Groupings on September 9, 2020 Views:(203Replies (0)
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From Gloria Wallace

Two non Smiths in this group come up among our closest YDNA matches and we have matches that claim Thomas Smith ancestry. I suspect that my branch must have predated Thomas and remained in Ireland. I get many autosomal distant matches (literally dozens) to the couple Matthew Wallace/Elizabeth Alexander, Donegal to Maryland in the 1600s. I know this distance for ADNA is drawing a long bow, but am also cognisant of the amount of cousin marriage in Ireland and in the early USA colony, which may have acted to preserve segments. So my theory is that the link between Wallace and Smith in my lines is in Donegal (Raffoe plantation or Londonderry) in early 1600s. Hoping to find something here... Gloria Wallace