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Two different Reuben Smiths claiming same ancestor Ransom Smith Reuben  Smith
Smith DNA Matched Group GRP-I-P37-4
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The Smith DNA Project has a grouping from those who believe they are descendants of Guilelmus Smith b 1735 NC d c 1814 Warren County, North Carolina. One of his children was Ransom D Smith b 1761 Hanover Co VA d 1854 Powells Crossroads, Marion County, Tennessee, wife Elizabeth Moss. He can be found on the 1790 Granville Co NC census, 1830 Campbell County, Tennessee, 1850 Marion County, Tennessee. The matched grouping for Guilelmus Smith is here 

Among other chidlren, one of his children is said to be Reuben Smith. This is where anyone who has source information showing a particular Reuben Smith is son of Ransom D Smith would be invaluable (say, a Bible record or other source). That includes any information showing who the parents are of a second Reuben Smith. These are NOT the same Reuben Smith, not a Reuben Smith who was married twice, and the below will show why

1. Reuben Smith 5 Apr 1804 Granville County, North Carolina, USA  d 15 Aug 1884 Sulphur Springs, Marion County, Tennessee, USA.  Wife Sarah Hollingsworth (b 1803 MD d 1876 Sulphur Springs, Washington County, Tennessee, USA. Married in 1821 in Campbell County, Tennessee, on 1830, 1840, 1850 and 1860 Marion County, Tennessee census. Children: William Franklin, Martha, Nancy, Lucretia Hollingsworth, Thomas and Elmore. 

2. Reuben Smith b 1804 North Carolina d 15 Aug 1884 Scranton, Logan County, Arkansas.. Wife Margaret Tygart b 1806 SC d 1857 TN. Married 1827 Tennessee, on 1840 Hamilton County, Tennessee and 1850 Hamilton Co TN. Second wife: Nancy Walker, on 1870 Johnson County, Arkansas, 1880 Logan County, Arkansas. Children of Reuben and Margaret, as shown in 1850 Hamilton County TN census: Martha, Eva, Allen, Hiram, Josiah, Mary, Margaret A, Georgia

Note that these two Reubens cannot be in the same place at the same time. Reuben #1 is in 
Marion County, TN in 1840 and 1850. Reuben #2 is in 1840 and 1850 Hamilton County Tennessee. 

What needs to be done for Reuben #2. Need a male Smith descendant to do a YDNA test (or more than one descendant) as well as autosomal results that have known matches. If Reuben #2 is a son of Ransom D Smith, then the YDNA tester will be presumed to match into the group. 

If you have source information to show the difference, please post or send to info@smithsworldwide.org