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Need additional YDNA testers for John Smith/Isabella Drake and downlines John  Smith
Posted by smithsworldwide in Smith Tangled Lines Forum on October 9, 2020 Views:(475Replies (0)
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There are a lot of references for children of John Smith/Isabella Drake, (Watertown Massachusetts) but according to one of the YDNA testers who believes he may descend from Daniel Smith m Elizabeth Rogers , who *may* be a son of John, there is a question about whether John Smith/Drake only had two children  when he died in 1663; Isabella Leavitt and Annabella Barsham. Reference is The American Genealogist", Vol. 61, p.20-31, Jan-Apr 1985, by Robert Charles Anderson. (I have not seen the article, if someone has it, please post or send it to info@smithsworldwide.org). Daniel Smith is said to have had only one son, Daniel, who married Mary Grant (see references on these pages)
At issue is whether Daniel Smith, who, again, is a *possible* son of Smith/Drake is also a brother to Thomas Smith/Mary Knapp. There is apparently a document that names Thomas Smith as a brother and John Knapp as an uncle to Daniel.  At this point, assuming that is true, there is a YDNA conflict between a tester who claims Thomas Smith and YDNA testers who believe Daniel is the ancestor, through Oliver Smith b 1730 New London CT d Orange County, Vermont. m Zermiah Bingham. 
Looking for anyone, in particular male Smith descendants of any of the above lines to do DNA tests (YDNA tests for males, autosomal for anyone else) , along with a provable descent line, to compare and attempt to sort this out.