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Added Big-Y Group for Virginia Smiths and a Mystery
Posted by smithsworldwide in Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-I-M223-8 on April 24, 2021 Views:(264Replies (3)
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There are two members who have tested Big-YThe 3rd member has done 111 markers but not Big-Y. Locations are Virginia (Middlesex, Botetourt) to Indiana, Iowa, Illinois.  chart on this page 

Now for a mystery. In looking at possible nexus for these 3 testers, as well as a completely different line re: Ambrose Joshua Smith of Spotsylvania, I noticed that Findagrave has a discrepancy between whether the parents of James A Smith b 1760 VA d 1842 Hardin Co KY is Ambrose Joshua Smith b 1720 m Isabelle Coleman OR John Smith Jr b 1735 VA d 1841 Hardin Co KY. I believe it is the latter, which is represented by this YDNA group. First up, James A Smith is buried in the Maffet Cemetery in Elizabethtown, Hardin Co KY. So is John Smith b 1735  Ambrose Joshua Smith, on the other hand, is buried in Spotsylvania County in the Smith Familiy Cemetery. Ambrose Smith of Spotsylvania listed his children in 1797 as James Smith, Frances Luck, Isabellla Smith, Eliza Smith, John Smith, George Smith and Eleanor Smith (Mastin). Further Ambrose Joshua Smith had gifted land to son James Smith in 1790, in Spotsylvania. There is nothing to indicate that the Smiths et al left Spotsylvania but welcome any records showing locations. And there is no specific information showing that the James in Hardin Co KY is the same James as son of Ambrose Joshua Smith. In fact, the blurb on Findagrave for John Smith b 1735 who is in the Maffett Cemetery says 

John Smith came to Kentucky very early, along with his son after the Revolutionary War. He and his son, James Smith had a close relationship with both Daniel and Squire Boone. He died at the age of 106 after taking a stroll (yes a stroll at the age of 106 in 1841) and scratched his leg on a mulberry bush, and the scratch became infected. He is a hero, fighting in two wars and helping to settle and establish the beautiful state of Kentucky and Mill Creek in Hardin County.

Would specifically like additional YDNA testers, as well as autosomal testers who have a solid line to 1. John Smith b 1715 VA m Ann 2. Joseph Smith b 1780 VA m Susannah Smith and 3. Joseph Smith b 1839 Indiana m Evalyn Simerle(y) > Andrew Co MO 


Posted by Smith@BY66988 on August 28, 2021 02:29:58 PM  
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Hello, I am a ghost member of this group, not shown, but with Y-SNP BY66988, which by my current conceit is conected to New Sweden Colony because of its uniquely Finnish DNA flavor.

Further research in the past month has discovered a strong DNA connection through my gg-grandfather James Smith (1803, IN) to John Smith and Eleanor Gaelor (Gaylor). John was born in Rockbridge VA ~1770. If this conceit has legs, then this John Smith family, the Joseph Smith families, and the other John Smith (1735) family should be connected back to the Wilmington area around 1700.

I am also finding another individual now on an FTDNA GAP chart, Ronald Stanley Rymal; he is the only other individual besides myself classified by FTDNA on this chart as belonging to FT36987. We are the only two non-Finniah members of the group. Assume he is USA also.

Posted by Smith@BY66988 on August 29, 2021 12:27:00 PM  
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Further comment re: CommentID 349

I now see I am listed in a comment line above GRP-8. My furthest ancestor is now John Smith, b. ~1770 in Rockbridge County VA.

Autosomal evidence strongly relates myself to descendants of both John Smith 1770 and Joseph Smith 1792. Still looking for their common ancestor, as well as connection to John Smith 1735, that centenarian buried in Hardin KY.

Posted by smithsworldwide on September 4, 2021 11:13:14 AM  
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Hi, BY, you are welcome to send a message to info@smithsworldwide.org to discuss this further. Meantime, this is what I see.

I do not know what a ghost member is, but assume you mean you are not specifically listed.

I cannot tell that you have taken a Big-Y test, at least it is not listed on your kit #. If you have and it's on some other number, again, email to let us know that that is. The Big-Y groups are formed by people who have done Big-Y tests. 

On the YDNA. We do Smith DNA group matches based on at least 37 markers unless there is a clear line between two people or they are brothers, etc. There are many occasions in which someone has done 25 markers but upon at least 37 turns out to match into a different group.