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Marriage date on here is wrong Basil Andrew Jackson Smith
Posted by LPSmith in Smith/Schmidt Queries and Most Wanteds on September 23, 2021 Views:(265Replies (1)
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B A J Smith was NOT married in 1838. That was the date for his father's second marriage. He was married 30 Sep 1866 in Campbell County, Georgia to Catherine Medora Short.
Posted by smithsworldwide on September 24, 2021 11:41:04 AM  
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I appreciate your having sent the changes you'd like to see, including all the great photos, and will have your registration fixed up this morning so that you can make changes directly. Clearly, and this is wonderful, you are THE historian in the family.

Incidentally, to be clear, the date for 1838 is for Basil A J Smith's father, Basil b 1790 NC who was married, second, to M Atchison. Fixing to put in the marriage you sent, but you see that at this point there is no marriage at all listed for Basil Andrew Jackson Smith. The area that has FATHER and MOTHER has the marriage listed including the 1838 date. If that is the wrong date for Basil and M Atchison, send an email with the correction. 

Now that I have added that great headstone, and marriage cert you sent, there is now a spouse and marriage for Basil A J. Here's what it looks like-note that when it was only Basil A J, the only family id on the page was for his parents. Now, there is a family id for he and C Short 

On a related note, have been lately looking at Basil Smith anyway due to how huge the group is that has the YDNA results. Am going to look again at your reults to see if we can pick out any additional clues about Mecklenburg Co NC.