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Arguments about trees
Posted by smithsworldwide in Smith DNA Project Updates on September 28, 2021 Views:(248Replies (0)
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I have to mention something that is policy, with a story. If you, a member, harass other people, you will be removed from the project. Not from FTDNA but from the project. In 2015, there was a member who disagreed with the trees of a certain line, to include not only that group but other researchers associated with it. He did not match those others on YDNA. What the others and I also asked him for were the proofs that X group was not right. He did not send, but did want to argue. Beyond arguing, he harassed the other members, who either blocked his email or quit responding to him, and he even telephoned called one of the associated people at home to harass her. Then he turned to me and insulted me and the project. He also said something that bordered on bigoted. I quit talking to him as it was just a constant barrage of sludge. He then called FTDNA to complain. FTDNA, rightly told him that they did not involve themselves in the accuracy of trees. I removed him from the project and at some point he came back under a different email and name. I thought it was probably him but as long as he wasn't harassing people or trying to bully them, I ignored it. The other day, what I believe to be the same person posted on the forum to say that someone else's information should be deleted and also, on a separate message, rather than discuss why this might be, just put in a link to his website. I removed the posts and disabled the account. Now, although we have a Facebook group, I am not personally on Facebook (I don't like it for a variety of reasons) but one of the other admins is. Today I heard from said person that he had been removed from the Facebook group. Any Facebook moderator can remove people, there is no free speech, nor member of a project right to post in a FB group and I have to assume that he was may have been harassing people in the group (I have a message in to her to ask her the particulars), I do not think she would just up and remove him without any reason. I can say that he has sent me emails today that are insulting. I obviously cannot stop this person from saying whatever he wants to in other venues but he will NOT do it in this project.

About the trees. I think I'm probably beating a dead horse here if you read my updates but the only fixed thing about this project is the DNA results. There are people who send in trees and they believe they are correct. Maybe they aren't but the way to fix them is with sources or very good explanations that include anyone else that may have part of that same tree. Bullying people into changing their trees is not the way to do it. If anyone who has a tree believes it is not correct, that person WHO HAS THAT TREE is responsible to correct the information. That[s one reason I sent out the bulk email the other day to remind people to look over the trees and correct them or add to them if there are changes. It is not that anyone who comes and looks over information and has sources cannot contact the other people, or send in corrections to be looked at, particularly when it is not only their own tree but they don[t match on DNA. (Saying that, it is entirely possible with some lines that the origin might be wrong because the origins are muddy.) Certainly the admins are not experts on everyone's different lines, you are, but we can say how the YDNA shakes out.

If anyone in the project is being harassed by another member, please send a message to info@smithsworldwide.org. I will NOT allow people to do this. I look at all of us as a project team where we are expending energy to categorize and sort lines and get research clues. I'm very appreciative of the people in the project and have, through email, spoken to a lot of you personally and consider you friends