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smithsworldwide (Admin)
New YDNA chart for Smith DNA Project Group GRP-R-M269-8

Posted by smithsworldwide in Smith DNA Group Discussion GRP-R-M269-8 on January 22, 2022 Views:(409Replies (2)
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Thank you to Thomas Pratt for the input files! More, input filed for the SAPP generator are created from the STR markers for the matched FTDNA group GRP-R-M269-8. If an early ancestor is known, other kits are placed with that other(s) with all in a group based on FTDNA matches. Thomas is not the creator of the SAPP program but merely a valued member of the project.

Posted by sosoeddie on March 6, 2023 03:07:29 PM  
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All YDNA test data I have seen, as well as historical documentation, suggests that my kit (3505**) should fall under Node #18 and specifically, is a descendant of Christopher Smith b1591. Moreover, I have never seen any documentation of "Lemuel H Smith." Where did this come from? I have no confidence in this chart.

Posted by smithsworldwide on March 8, 2023 07:46:00 AM  
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Hi, Eddie

I agree with you that it looks like it needs fixed with regard to Lemuel. The chart is structured thusly. Everyone that matches on YDNA as shows by FTDNA, is grouped. There may or may not be a common ancestor for the group. If there is not a direct tree line for a given kit, the top ancestor for that line is shown in the SAPP chart. In your case, what should have been Rucker Mauldin instead of Lemuel Smith (I believe a misreading of the FTDNA early ancestor line on the YDNA chart that has the STR data) is not shown under Christopher because there is not a specific source document that shows this. However, based on Cheek's book with the section  about Rucker Mauldin, and the fact that Mauldin's definitely match on YDNA, happy to move him under Christopher Smith in this case. Have sent you a couple of generated chart examples that show both ways, get back to me at and will finish up the chart and put the one you agree with. Again, this chart is based on STR markers and also a defined step by step tree, so, generally, some members may not see themselves categorized on the SAPP chart as under a given person until/unless the line is proven to go there. That still means, though, as a YDNA umbrella, that these people are all in the same matched grouping, details to continue to be researched.

Incidentally, looked like some SNPs have been refined since the last SAPP chart was done in January of last year. FTDNA does not notify project group admins, so if anyone sees a change in the SNP data, please also contact