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Project Update 3/22/2022- Had some terrible weather around here the last few days
Posted by smithsworldwide in Smith DNA Project Updates on March 22, 2022 Views:(421Replies (0)
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First, a huge wildfire in a nearby county, and then yesterday, over 50 tornado warnings along the corridor in Texas I live in. Took electricity and also the internet for awhile. All that to say that catching up to the inbox the next couple of days.

Would like to know if anyone has a problem with the private messages. Right now the inbox is set up so that only members who have submitted a tree can send and receive private messages. There are other ways to contact people on the site or leave messages. Have considered making it so that if someone does not have a tree, the private message is put in a queue to approve, but that requires that an admin be monitoring the queue, which isn't necessarily timely since this is a volunteer project. Why do this at all? In order to deter spammers-the idea is that if you are a participant with a lineage, you are not a random bot stopping by to shoot out objectionable messages to people. If you run into any type of error with PMs, please email so we can look. 

Have in a new YDNA result, some new members, and some others. Will be posting about them in the Project Updates as they are looked at.