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Q O Day- Why isn't every Big-Y match included in the custom Big-Y chart?

Posted by smithsworldwide in Big Y Discussion and Matched Groupings on October 17, 2022 Views:(152Replies (0)
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When you do a Big-Y test, almost always you have already done STR markers and know if you are part of a matched grouping or not. If others have done Big-Y, they will, unless they are not part of the Smith DNA Project, be in a matched grouping for YDNA first. That explains the Smith/Schmidt/Smythe, etc matches. Quite often, however, there are matches on Big-Y with people who have a different surname. The Smith DNA Project puts people who are in the project in the big-Y custom chart. Because it is entirely optional for anyone to join (or leave) any particular surname project on FTDNA, if someone named, for example, John Childs was a match but was not in the project, that one would not be added, but of course you as the FTDNA member can always see and reach out to those people to compare notes, and, if you both find a common nexus for Smith, you can invite that person to come join the project.